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Athreon is the preferred choice for academic transcription services for a diverse range of colleges, universities, and institutions of learning throughout the United States and Canada. We provide academic transcription of notes, interviews, research, lectures and a variety of other recorded projects. If you can record it, we can save you time and money by converting it to editable text documents.

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Athreon Provides Fast and Accurate Academic Transcription

In the fast-paced modern academic environment, speed and accuracy are absolute necessities. Athreon has the capabilities to meet your specific academic transcription demands no matter the size or scope of the job. Whether you’re an associate professor preparing a manuscript for publication or a student project group conducting extensive research, accurate academic transcription is important. All of our speech to text transcriptionists are trained to pay attention to the smallest details.

Multiple Academic Dictation Capture Options

Many individuals in the academic setting are overwhelmed by a demanding schedule and lack of options to reduce paperwork. Athreon’s academic speech to text services are built with this in mind. We offer an extensive array of dictation options for your convenience. Whether you choose to dictate with a smartphone, telephone or digital recorder, we’ll accommodate your preferences.

An Academic Transcription Service That Puts Quality First

With over a quarter century in the business, Athreon has built a reputation as a leading academic transcription services provider. We deliver the highest levels of quality based on our extensive knowledge of academic dictation and years of industry experience.

Our academic transcription service adheres to six areas of quality focus in order to deliver the most accurate and accessible document possible. Plus, if you’d like, each of your transcriptions can pass through additional quality assurance reviews in order to eliminate inconsistencies. We even provide online access to your recordings so you can confirm the accuracy of the document we have prepared.

The Gold Standard in Academic Transcription Services

Athreon removes the worry with academic transcription services by staffing your project with highly-qualified transcriptionists. What’s more, we offer transparent billing and online account management features that give you complete control over your project. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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