Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training

Why Is Cyber Security Awareness Training Necessary? How Do I Train My Employees for Cyber Security? We’ll Show You and Help You Protect Your Business from the Inside-Out.

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Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training – Your Reputation and Livelihood Are at Stake

Why is cyber security important? How do I train my employees for cyber security? These are important questions that more and more executives, business owners, and managers are asking with data breaches on the rise. With human error causing over 92% of data breaches, selecting the right training solution for your business is more critical than ever. Not only does the solution need to be easy to deploy and comprehensive, but it needs to be one that your employees will embrace. That’s why Athreon’s cyber security awareness training solutions engage your employees and make learning fun through gamification. What’s more, our employee cyber security awareness training is turnkey for managers. We provide all the tools and support you need for a successful deployment. Whether you have 3 employees or 3000, we have training solutions to fit your needs.

Let’s Measure Your Cyber Security Awareness Baseline

Which of your employees poses the most significant risk to your organization? Which are your cyber security superheroes? Our baseline assessment helps you find out quickly and unobtrusively. From Dark Web scans to mock phishing campaigns to simple questionnaires, we help you assess the security posture of each staff member. Once you know where everyone stands, we take action to help you close your security gaps and strengthen your team. Our next-generation analytics help you make data-driven decisions to enhance your security posture from day one.

How Our Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training Works

Our approach to employee cyber security awareness training is multifaceted, and our online security portal spotlights all your crucial security metrics in real-time. Our learning portal assigns each employee a security score based on their cyber security training, any information they have exposed on the Dark Web, and how they fare with mock phishing emails. Their security score is like a credit score, and it helps you identify who is actively protecting your organization and who is opening the door to cybercriminals. Once you know your weak spots, you can leverage our training tools to shore up your defenses.

Annual Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training

All your employees should know how to spot a phishing email. Staff members should know when it’s safe to divulge privileged information or not. And everyone on your team should know how to keep their passwords secure, and especially not reuse them. The reality is that not all employees have the same understanding of how to handle cyber threats or even what the threats are. Our baseline cyber security awareness training levels the playing field and puts everyone on notice to safeguard your sensitive business data.

Ongoing Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training

Once you understand why cyber security is necessary, it becomes clear that a once-and-done approach to cyber security training leaves you vulnerable. Bad actors regularly evolve their tactics to make it more difficult for employees to spot risks. That’s why we provide weekly micro-training lessons. Your staff can watch our cinematic quality training videos and answer the follow-up questions in about 5 minutes. Our weekly training videos feature current and burgeoning threats, and they keep cyber security top-of-mind throughout your workforce.

Email Phishing Simulations – AutoPhish

Do you have a way to verify how your employees would engage with an email from a bad actor? Our email phishing simulator, AutoPhish, leverages real-world phishing emails used by actual hackers. You can safely create phishing campaigns within 5 minutes to see if your employees will take the bait with AutoPhish. Not only does our phishing simulator help you train your workforce to be vigilant against phishing attempts, but it offers immediate remediation to any employee that may fall for your mock phishing emails. What’s more, AutoPhish enables you to reward your employees when they proactively detect and report phishing attempts.

Monthly Cyber Security Newsletter

Staying informed about the latest cyber threats is essential for employee cyber security awareness training. Organizations of all sizes are targeted around the world daily. What’s worse, growing numbers of businesses are falling victim to ransomware, viruses, and malware than ever. We save you the heavy lifting of educating your staff about the latest threats. Our monthly newsletter ensures that everyone in your organization will be able to intelligently answer the question, “What is cyber security?”

Cyber Security Leaderboard – Instill Friendly Employee Competition

Our cyber security leaderboard encourages friendly competition among staff members in your business. Employees can use their real name or a fictitious profile name. By design, it helps you encourage your staff to implement best practices for cyber security by taking the prescribed training, not clicking on mock phishing emails, and proactively working to prevent data from reaching the Dark Web. Many of our clients use the leaderboard to reward team members for their cybervigilance or as an employee performance metric during evaluations.

Taking Your Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training to the Next Level

Do you need help developing security and compliance policies for your business, clients, or employees? What about completing a security risk assessment for your organization? Perhaps you’re searching for a solution that offers real-time alerts if your data is exposed to the Dark Web? Maybe you’d like to empower your employees to monitor their personal information on the Dark Web? Whatever your goals may be, our approach to protecting your organization and staff is multifaceted and targeted to accommodate your needs and budget. It’s time to stop wondering, How do I train my employees for cyber security? Contact us for a free consultation at 800.935.0973.