Unlike some other speech to text and transcription services providers, we know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work.

Athreon’s report technology supports clients’ data needs including, but not limited, to:

— Speech to text activity by dictator, length, and other parameters
— On-demand report access
— Data analyses by client request
— Statistical measures by client request
— Data visualization by client request
— Achieving meaningful use of your data

Report Data Technology Improves Productivity and More…

Athreon’s report technology and analytics allows for users and clients to generate reports on-demand or by special request handled by our support and technology groups.  Since Athreon follows high-security standards, including best practices in Cybersecurity, all data, analyzed, visualized or reported, follow the protocols with no exception.

Some practical uses for speech-to-text data analytics include understanding daily or weekly patient or subject case flow, dictation time spent, dictation method, hidden patterns, and much more.

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