Radiology Speech-to-Text Solutions

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Radiology Dictation and Radiology Speech Recognition Software

Athreon provides rapid and reliable dictation, transcription, and radiology speech recognition software trusted by hospitals, physician practices, diagnostic centers, outpatient facilities, and research centers. Our radiology transcription services are fast, accurate, and consistent. Likewise, our radiology transcription turnaround time typically ranges from a few minutes to 3 hours.. Stat service is available as well.

Athreon can integrate with your Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) to further streamline operations. We offer a tremendous value proposition. We’ve priced our radiology dictation service to accommodate the heavily template-driven workflow of radiologists. Athreon’s combination of technology, service, and quality set the industry standard.

Experienced Radiology Transcriptionists

We hire only experienced radiology transcriptionists to deliver our radiology dictation services. Our healthcare documentation specialists have an established track record of supporting the charting needs of diagnostic radiologists, interventional radiologists, and radiation oncologists. Athreon’s transcriptionists and editors, on average, have 15 years of radiology experience. Our production team routinely creates documents for the following radiology subspecialties:

  • Breast Imaging
  • Cardiovascular Radiology
  • Chest Radiology
  • Emergency Radiology
  • Gastrointestinal Radiology
  • Genitourinary Radiology
  • Head and Neck Radiology
  • Musculoskeletal Radiology
  • Neuroradiology
  • Pediatric Radiology

We also offer a radiology speech recognition software with our VoiceNote technology. For radiologists that need an automatic audio-to-text transcription solution to create documents in real-time, VoiceNote is an instant speech-to-text transcription tool. For a flat annual licensing fee, VoiceNote allows physicians to dictate an unlimited volume of radiology reports. VoiceNote is consistently rated by radiologists as the best audio-to-text transcription software.

Radiology Dictation Services That Work with Your RIS or PACS

No matter which RIS or PACS you use, there’s a good chance we’ve worked with it. We’re RIS and PACS agnostic. We can connect to your system through a web portal or create an integration to streamline data exchanges. The bottom line is that Athreon can put your dictated notes in your database to save you time! Some of the RISs and PACS we’ve worked with include:


Ambra Health RADIOlens
Fujifilm Synapse RISynergy
GE Centricity RXNT
IBM Watson Health Merge PACS Siemens
MedicsRIS Spectra PACS
Philips Vue PACS

Rated The Best Radiology Transcription Service

There are many reasons why radiologists say that Athreon is the best radiology dictation service. A significant reason is our friendly and knowledgeable help desk in North America. Likewise, our security, intuitive technology, and time savings features bolster Athreon’s value proposition.

What’s more, we’re ready to accommodate you no matter how you prefer to dictate. You can submit dictations using your SpeechMike, telephone, smartphone, or digital recorder. We make our mobile apps for iOS and Android users available to all our dictation clients.

Athreon’s radiology transcriptionists and editors will help you accurately create clinic notes for all types of imaging, including:

  • X-Rays
  • CT Scans
  • Ultrasounds
  • Mammograms
  • MRIs
  • Bone Scans
  • PET Scans

Outsourcing Radiology Charting – Save Big with Athreon

Once you decide to hire an audio-to-text transcription vendor, you’ll learn there are many ways that radiology transcription companies bill their clients. Charging methods may include fees billed per line, minute, word, page, or report. And since radiology reports are heavily template-driven, the charging structure for canned text matters. Athreon stands apart among radiology transcription companies because we are often able to charge our radiology clients a reduced rate for template text – or not charge them at all! Contact us for more details about how our solutions can substantially lower radiology transcription costs.

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Athreon has been helping radiologists work more efficiently for over three decades. Our AI technology, fast delivery, understanding support team, and HIPAA compliance deliver an excellent ROI. If you’re ready to work smarter, more efficiently, and faster with our EMR transcription solutions, contact Athreon for a demo.