With more than 25 years’ medical transcription experience, Athreon is your one-stop-shop for fast and accurate pulmonology dictation and transcription service. Our team of highly-skilled transcriptionists are well-practiced with pulmonology transcription and are eager to assist you. Athreon has been helping pulmonologists achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and efficiency with our speech to text service for decades.







We Select Only the Best Transcriptionists

Athreon can deliver superior pulmonology transcription services largely because of our stringent hiring practices. We recruit individuals from the top medical transcription training schools and put them through a rigorous qualification process. Each transcriptionist must pass a background check, which further assures our clients that their projects are staffed by the best in the business. What’s more, many of our transcriptionists have earned widely respected credentials such as Certified Medical Transcriptionist and Registered Medical Transcriptionist.

Determine the Level of Quality Assurance You Prefer

Some pulmonology transcription providers simply have the transcriptionist immediately deliver the document to you upon completion, without any additional quality checkpoints. At Athreon, we let you determine the level of quality assurance that best meets your needs. You’ll have the option to send each of your documents through additional levels of quality review prior to delivery if you prefer. We also empower you to listen to your dictation securely online post-delivery if you ever want to verify anything we’ve produced for you. Our service is completely transparent from start to finish.

We’re at the Forefront of Technological Innovation

At Athreon, we strive to provide the most technologically advanced pulmonology transcription solutions to help our clients save time and reduce transcription costs. Our technology and processes are intended to be flexible and work with the goals specific to your practice. We work the way you do, not the other way around. And with the widespread adoption of EHRs, we can interface with nearly any EHR vendor to return completed reports directly to your medical records system to further enhance efficiency.

Most Documents Delivered in 24 Hours

If you need your documents quickly, you’ll appreciate Athreon’s ability to deliver a transcribed document within 24 hours in most cases. If you ever need something more urgently, we also offer stat service when rush delivery is needed. What’s more, you’ll also be able to select the delivery option that’s most compatible with the way you work. Choices include secure email, FTP and remote printing.

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