Athreon – Who We Are

We’re a group of innovative, hard-working, socially-responsible people striving to make life better through innovative AI solutions for speech to text and cybersecurity.

We Believe in Karma

We think you get back what you put out. That’s why we do our best every day to give clients smart solutions that solve complex problems. When we deliver creative solutions backed by dependable service, we’ve noticed people tend to share their positive experiences. Much of our business success is attributable to word-of-mouth referrals.

We Care About People

No matter how our technology may evolve, it’s the people behind it who make all the difference. The people who design, test, and support it are the lifeblood of our company. And without our loyal clients and dedicated employees, we wouldn’t be in business. We cherish the relationships we’ve made.

We Keep Our Word

We’re honest and transparent about our capabilities. We don’t make empty promises, and we back up our commitments in writing. We know that our clients, employees, and vendors are all invested in our business. We depend on each other for our mutual success. So, we strive to be trustworthy and remain accountable for everything we do.

Try As We Might, We’re Not Perfect

We always endeavor to do our very best, and it’s kept us in business for more than 30 years. But sometimes we fall short. We’re human. When we do, we own up to it. We learn from our mistakes, and we avoid repeating them in the future. By soliciting feedback from everyone we do business with, we aim to improve ourselves continually.

We Respect Each Other

Our leadership has fostered a culture of diversity that is rooted in respect for one another. It’s our differences, the various paths we’ve taken to end up where we are now, that give us our unique perspective. No one of us is better than anyone else. But, collectively, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

We Love Our Communities

Aside from our offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, we have a distributed workforce that teleworks from small towns and big cities all across North America. We have a global presence too, with international talent resources. And, as often as we can, we support our communities through volunteering and charitable efforts.

We’re Innovators

We’re big thinkers, go-getters, and people who like to stretch limits. When others ask why, we ask why not? We don’t rest on past achievements. We aim to always earn the trust and respect of our clients, employees, vendors, and communities with solutions that allow people to work smarter, with less effort and risk, and more enjoyment.

We’re Responsible

Much of what has propelled us forward over the past three decades is how we allocate our resources. We’re a fiscally-responsible, socially-aware, privately-held, family-run business. We keep our focus on doing the right thing even when it isn’t the easy thing. And although we always hope for the sun, we keep our umbrella ready for the rain.