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Trans|IT by Athreon

Superior Accuracy Through AI and Human Expertise

With 35 years of experience under our belt, Athreon’s Trans|IT stands out as a leader in the medical transcription business. We employ a seamless blend of cutting-edge AI technology and human expertise to achieve unparalleled 99%+ accuracy rates. Healthcare professionals work smarter, better, and with less stress when they partner with Athreon.

Testimonials From Our Clients

“Wow, we got back some of the dictation already from yesterday! That’s great. I really love the service we get from you guys. So glad we switched over.”

— Catherine, Director of Nursing, Wapakoneta, OH

“I am very pleased with the service that we have had from Athreon over the last many years for my division and myself… Your staff has done an excellent job in providing a high-quality first draft to me within a very reasonable period of time.”

— Dr. W., Washington, DC

“I am happy with the service and especially the quality.”

— Dr. M., Woodlands, TX

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Untether Yourself From Your EHR

Focus More on Caring for Your Patients

Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Combatting Clinician Burnout by Reducing EHR Administrative Burdens

In a healthcare landscape where clinician burnout is a growing concern, the need for solutions that lighten the administrative load has never been greater. According to a study co-authored by the AMA, 63% of physicians have cited that burnout has impacted them in recent years, much of which is attributed to the excessive time spent on patient documentation tasks. Trans|IT addresses this critical issue head-on by significantly alleviating the administrative burdens tied to Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Our service integrates with all EHR systems, effectively streamlining the data entry and management tasks that consume valuable time. This not only simplifies administrative processes for physicians but also substantially eases the workload of support staff.

By reducing the time spent on EHR administrative tasks, Trans|IT enables clinicians to redirect their focus where it truly matters: patient care. In doing so, we aim to be a part of the solution that reverses the alarming trend of clinician burnout, restoring balance to the healthcare industry.

Seamless EHR Integration for Every Budget and Workflow: HL7, API, and Manual Options Available

Trans|IT’s unparalleled capability to integrate with over 1,500 Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems is not just a feature; it’s a testament to the adaptability and broad applicability we bring to medical transcription services. Whether you are part of a small clinic or a large, multi-departmental hospital, we can accommodate your unique EHR environment.

To make this possible, we offer multiple modes of integration to suit every budget and workflow preference:

HL7 Integration

HL7 (Health Level Seven International) is a set of international standards for transferring clinical and administrative data between healthcare providers. Our HL7 integration capabilities allow for seamless, real-time sharing of transcribed reports and patient information between Athreon and your EHR system. This level of integration is ideal for larger healthcare facilities looking for robust, automated data exchanges.


API Integration

For healthcare providers that prefer a more customized approach, we offer API (Application Programming Interface) integrations. This allows us to tailor the Trans|IT platform’s capabilities to fit precisely into your existing systems and processes. API integration is particularly beneficial for medical practices with specialized requirements not readily met by standard HL7 protocols.

Manual Integration

We understand that not every healthcare facility has the budget or need for fully automated system integrations. That’s why we also offer manual integration options. With manual integration, Trans|IT can still securely and efficiently transfer transcribed documents into your EHR system, albeit requiring some manual steps for completion. This can be a smart option for smaller practices or those just beginning to digitize their medical record-keeping.

No matter your institution’s size, budget, or workflow preferences, Trans|IT’s flexible integration capabilities make it a perfect fit for your medical transcription needs. Our commitment to adaptability ensures that you can focus on caring for your patients while Athreon handles the seamless incorporation of clinical documentation into your EHR system.

Mobile Accessibility for On-the-Go Professionals

To simplify the dictation process, Trans|IT provides free mobile apps to its clients for iOS and Android devices. Our mobile apps integrate with patient scheduling systems to minimize clinicians’ need to manually dictate demographics, making your high-volume workflow more manageable.

35 Years of Experience in Healthcare

More Than 300 Million Lines Processed

Expertise in More Than 40 Specialties

Over 1500 EHR Integrations

How It Works: A Seamless 3-Step Process for Medical Transcription

Navigating medical transcription with Athreon is as easy as 1-2-3. Our process gives healthcare providers the utmost flexibility, speed, and precision when it comes to converting speech into text. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Record Your Dictation

Your convenience is our priority. Choose from multiple dictation capture methods that best suit your workflow. Whether you’re on-the-go or at your desk, you have options:

  • Mobile App: For Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, our free mobile app allows clinicians to record dictations anytime, anywhere.
  • Handheld Digital Recorder: For those who prefer traditional methods, handheld digital recorders offer a simple, reliable option that seamlessly integrates with our technology.
  • Telephone Dictation: A convenient method for those who want to dictate using their phones.
    PC Dictation: We offer a PC dictation option for those who prefer to record using their computer.

Step 2: Fast and Accurate Transcription

Once you submit your dictation to Athreon, it’s time for the magic to happen:

  • AI Speech-to-Text Technology: In mere minutes, our advanced AI algorithms convert your audio recording into a high-quality draft transcript.
  • Human Review: Our skilled healthcare documentation specialists carefully review the AI-generated text, making necessary corrections and ensuring 99%+ accuracy before the transcript reaches you.

Step 3: Access and Distribution

Receiving your transcripts is as easy as logging in:

  • EHR Integration: Access your completed narratives directly in your Electronic Health Record system.
  • Document Management Portal: Alternatively, utilize Athreon’s secure and highly customizable web portal for editing, management, and document storage.
  • Other Distribution Options: Need transcripts sent automatically to a printer or fax machine? We’ve got you covered. Network transfers are also available for more technical workflows.

Athreon is an efficient medical transcription process that is prepared to meet your unique needs!

Unmatched Security, HIPAA Compliance, and Proactive Client Support

When it comes to the security and confidentiality of sensitive healthcare data, Trans|IT sets the gold standard. Our security protocols feature multiple layers of protection, encompassing physical, technical, and administrative measures to ensure compliance with HIPAA/HITECH regulations.

Robust Security Measures

We go beyond industry standards to secure your data at every touchpoint. This includes secure data centers, encryption technologies, and a fortified network that’s regularly updated and tested to withstand the latest security threats.

Proactive Security Reviews

Understanding that our clients often have specific security concerns, Athreon willingly participates in security reviews to help you thoroughly assess our security and compliance capabilities. These reviews allow us to demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding your data and adhering to industry best practices.

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs)

To further affirm our commitment to HIPAA compliance and the protection of your healthcare data, Athreon will sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs). This legally binding document outlines our responsibilities and commitments in handling and securing any PHI (Protected Health Information) we come into contact with while providing our services.

Client-Centric Approach

In line with our ethos of building strong client partnerships, our security measures are not just about ticking boxes; they are about earning your trust. Through security reviews and BAAs, we offer an added layer of assurance, letting you know that your sensitive healthcare information is in the safest possible hands.

With Trans|IT, you’re not just choosing a medical transcription service; you’re opting for a partner that places security and compliance at the forefront of its operations. You can rest assured that your sensitive healthcare data is not only secure but also managed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Scalability for Diverse Medical Practices: Adapting to Your Unique Needs

Trans|IT is built on a foundation of versatility and adaptability, ensuring it is a suitable solution for medical practices ranging from single-physician offices to large, multi-departmental hospitals. Our service offers unparalleled scalability, designed to meet the distinct needs of various healthcare environments without compromising quality. Here are some use-cases to demonstrate how Trans|IT scales to meet your specific needs:

Solo Practitioners with Limited Admin Support

For solo practitioners, especially those without the luxury of a large administrative staff, Trans|IT offers a simplified, yet comprehensive, transcription solution. Our automated systems and human expertise help ensure that your transcriptions are both quick and accurate, freeing you up to focus more on patient care.



Group Practices with Diverse Preferences

In a group practice setting, physicians often have varying preferences for dictation capture, document formatting, and more. Trans|IT’s customizable options cater to these diverse needs seamlessly. Whether one physician prefers dictating through a mobile app while another opts for a digital recorder, we’ve got it covered.

Large Hospitals with Complex Requirements

When it comes to large hospitals that have multiple departments, each with varying types of documents and specialized medical terminology, Trans|IT offers customized solutions tailored to these complex needs. Whether it’s varying turnaround times for emergency room notes versus standard patient summaries or specialized templates for different departments, our system can adapt to serve these multifaceted requirements efficiently.

Institutions with High-Volume Needs

For healthcare institutions that have high-volume transcription requirements, Trans|IT’s robust infrastructure and flexible workforce can quickly scale to meet these demands. Our platform can handle large quantities of audio recordings and transcriptions without sacrificing the 99%+ accuracy rate we are known for.

Outsourcing Solutions

We offer both full and partial outsourcing solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s clearing a backlog of dictations, providing interim coverage during peak seasons, or offering ongoing support, Trans|IT’s scalable solutions adapt to your organization’s specific challenges.

By aligning our services with each healthcare provider’s unique needs and challenges, Trans|IT offers a genuinely scalable medical transcription solution. This adaptability ensures that whether you’re a solo practitioner, part of a group practice, or a large hospital with complex requirements, Trans|IT is the transcription service that can precisely meet your needs without compromising quality.

99.999% System Uptime

99%+ Verifiable Document Accuracy

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant

24/7/365 Service Coverage

One-Stop Solution for Diverse Medical Transcription Needs

Athreon’s Trans|IT is built with flexibility at its core, catering to the diverse transcription needs of the healthcare industry. Our 35 years of experience have taught us that every medical facility has unique requirements for clinical documentation. Whether you operate in a specialized field or provide comprehensive healthcare services, Trans|IT can transcribe a wide array of document types with utmost precision and accuracy. Below is a table outlining some of the most common document types that we transcribe:

Common Document Types Specialized Document Types
Consultation Notes Preoperative Notes
Operative Reports Postoperative Notes
Discharge Summaries Anesthesia Reports
Radiology Reports Lab Reports
Progress Notes Rehabilitation Notes
Emergency Room Reports Procedure Notes
Pathology Reports Administrative Letters
SOAP Notes
History and Physical Reports
Clinic Notes
Referral Letters
Follow-up Notes
Psychological Evaluations
Medical Record Summaries

Whether you need to transcribe routine consultation notes or highly specialized anesthesia reports, Trans|IT is the go-to solution for healthcare facilities seeking versatility, reliability, and excellence in medical transcription services.

Rapid and Customizable Turnaround Time for Healthcare Providers

In the healthcare sector, every second counts. Whether it’s facilitating timely patient care, coordinating with other medical professionals, or complying with administrative needs, the speed at which transcripts get delivered is crucial. With Athreon’s Trans|IT service, you benefit from rapid and customizable turnaround times designed to meet the critical demands of healthcare.

The Impact of Turnaround Time in Healthcare

Delayed transcripts can hamper the speed and quality of patient care and slow administrative workflows. Recognizing the urgency that healthcare providers face, we capture all turnaround time requirements at the beginning of each new project and provide the flexibility to adjust as your needs change.


Client-Centric Turnaround Options

Within the healthcare landscape, turnaround time needs can vary widely—from emergency departments requiring stat service to research institutions that may have more flexible deadlines. Athreon allows you to customize your turnaround times based on these unique requirements, operating 24/7/365 to accommodate any scenario.

Technology-Driven Speed

The speed with which we deliver our transcripts is backed by AI-driven speech recognition technology. This advanced system creates highly accurate draft documents in mere minutes. Our expert human transcriptionists then meticulously review these drafts to ensure 99%+ accuracy, marrying speed with reliability.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Our secure web-based portal allows you to upload and manage files and offers real-time tracking features. You can monitor each file’s progress, prioritize urgent cases, and generate on-demand reports to ensure compliance with agreed turnaround times.

By optimizing both speed and accuracy, Athreon’s Trans|IT offers healthcare providers a reliable, fast, and flexible solution for all their transcription needs.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality in Medical Transcription

At Athreon, quality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our medical transcription services. From stringent hiring processes to a robust quality assurance program, we go above and beyond to ensure your transcripts are accurate, secure, and reliable.

  • Multifaceted Approach to Quality

    Our focus on quality spans six core areas—accuracy, spelling, grammar, format, content, and demographics—to ensure that each transcription meets the highest standards. This comprehensive approach is backed by ASTM International standards, and we continually re-evaluate it to spur measurable improvements.

  • Expertise You Can Trust

    We meticulously screen each of our transcriptionists and editors, who typically bring 15 years of experience to the table. Coupled with background checks, we ensure your sensitive information is secure and processed with the highest level of care.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    We leverage innovative technology to enhance transcription quality automatically. Our platform minimizes human error by populating routine data and applying templates. Spell checks, grammar checks, and custom dictionaries further refine our document quality.

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

    Our advanced QA algorithm initiates concurrent and retrospective reviews to catch and correct errors. Any concerns flagged by our transcriptionists undergo further review by our senior QA specialists, creating a continuous feedback loop for ongoing quality improvements.

  • Tailored Production Options

    We offer domestic and international production options to meet your budget and turnaround time needs. Regardless of your choice, each document is subjected to our rigorous QA process to ensure optimal quality.

  • Client-Centric Features

    Our web portal allows you to run quality reports on-demand, review paired audio files with transcripts, and flag any concerns for further attention. Moreover, we can even capture the edits you make in the portal to refine our service continually, forming an invaluable feedback loop.

  • The Human-AI Collaboration

    While our advanced speech recognition technology offers speed and efficiency, it doesn’t replace human expertise. Whether initially generated by AI or human, each document undergoes meticulous human review to guarantee top-notch quality.

By combining seasoned professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a robust quality assurance system, Athreon sets the benchmark for quality in medical transcription services. When you choose Athreon, you experience a partnership that values quality as much as you do.

Professional Implementation Services: Structured Onboarding for Client Success

At Athreon, we understand that transitioning to a new medical transcription service can be exciting and daunting. That’s why we’ve developed a structured, time-tested onboarding process to ensure a seamless and successful implementation of our services in your healthcare setting. Our comprehensive implementation services will make you feel confident and well-equipped to make the most of our cutting-edge transcription solutions.

  • Detailed Discovery

    Before anything else, we conduct a thorough discovery session with you to understand your unique needs, existing workflows, and critical objectives. This allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and ensure the maximum benefits of our transcription solutions.

  • Kickoff Call

    A kickoff call is arranged with key stakeholders to initiate the project. During this meeting, we outline the scope, objectives, and timelines. We also clarify any questions you might have, ensuring everyone is on the same page from the very start.

  • Project Plan & Milestones

    We create a detailed project plan based on the insights gathered during discovery and the kickoff call. This includes a series of milestones that guide us through each phase of the implementation process. These milestones help us track progress and ensure that we meet your expectations at every turn.

  • Comprehensive Training

    Before the go-live date, we provide comprehensive training to help you and your team become familiar with our platform and features. We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible, enabling your staff to feel confident and competent using our system.

  • Go-Live Support

    The big day is here! When it’s time to go live, our team provides heightened support to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. We monitor the initial stages of live operation to promptly address any issues that may surface.

  • Continued Maintenance and Support

    Even after the go-live phase, our commitment to your success continues. We offer ongoing support to ensure you are delighted with our services. We conduct regular check-ins and performance reviews to ensure we meet your ongoing needs.

Choose Athreon’s Professional Implementation Services to experience a seamless, successful, and stress-free transition to superior medical transcription solutions.

Increase Your Revenue and Productivity

Many Trans|IT users experience a 20% increase in revenue within the first 60 days. Our service enables medical professionals to see more patients without extending their workday, thereby boosting productivity.

No Long-Term Commitments

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we offer a free trial and require no long-term contract. Take Trans|IT for a spin and experience firsthand why we are the best in the business.

Free Pilot No Long-Term Contract Cancel Anytime

Ready to Take Your Clinical Documentation to the Next Level? Request a Free Trial Today!

In a healthcare landscape where time and accuracy are of the essence, Trans|IT by Athreon offers an unmatched medical transcription solution. Request a free trial today and experience the Athreon difference.

For more details, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and free trial.

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Athreon’s Technological Differentiators

Athreon’s medical transcription service begins at 10 cents per line and scales according to your customization requests. Factors that impact pricing include turnaround time, global vs. domestic labor, and interface deployments.

No, Athreon does not charge for templated text that never changes and doesn’t need to be reviewed by a transcriptionist. We charge a discounted rate for partially-static content requiring human review.

Athreon caters to more than 40 medical specialties, including the ones listed below.

  • Allergy & Immunology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Chiropractic
  • Orthotics & Prosthetics
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Otolaryngology
  • Dentistry
  • Pain Management
  • Dermatology
  • Pathology
  • Disability Services
  • Pediatrics
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Endocrinology
  • Podiatry
  • Family Medicine
  • Proctology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Psychiatry
  • Genetics
  • Psychology
  • Geriatrics
  • Pulmonology
  • Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Radiology
  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Rehabilitation
  • Infectious Disease
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Mental Health
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Neonatology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Neurology
  • Surgery
  • OB/GYN
  • Urology
  • Oncology

Turnaround times are entirely customizable. Some clients require deliveries 24/7/365. However, the standard turnaround for most clients is a matter of hours, at most 24. Priority stat reports are often processed in under an hour, depending on their length, not to exceed 4 hours.

Athreon’s customer support is in the United States, in Chicago and Indianapolis. We have production units in North America, the Philippines, and India that create and edit transcripts. Clients may specify where they want their data processed, and we will honor that request in writing.

Depending on the complexity of your workflow and if you require system interfaces, many Athreon clients go live anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. Most Athreon clients go-live within 2 weeks, sometimes sooner. We understand time is of the essence, and we will work with you to get to your go-live as expeditiously as possible.