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Allergy and Immunology Dictation and Scribing Services

Many doctors spend far more hours entering data into their EHRs than they’d like. Immunologists (more commonly known as allergists) are no exception. What makes things worse is that because doctors must feed data-hungry EHRs, it impedes their ability to engage with patients during office visits and limits how many patients they can see in a day. Longer wait times mean patients can’t always get the care when they need it. This leads to frustration for physicians and patients and strains the doctor/patient relationship.

Fortunately, allergists that deploy Athreon’s immunology audio-to-text transcription or scribing solutions report a better work/life balance. Our solution means doctors are less stressed, patients are more satisfied, and earnings spike. We provide rapid and dependable allergy and immunology speech-to-text solutions like audio-to-text transcription, instant audio-to-text transcription software, and medical scribing solutions.

Athreon’s healthcare documentation specialists routinely create allergy and immunology reports for respiratory, eye, skin, gastrointestinal, autoimmune diseases, and more. Our HIPAA-compliant allergy typing service empowers you to spend more time with your patients. If you’re ready to stop the never-ending stream of EHR data entry, Athreon’s team is prepared to help.

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Our Allergy Transcriptionists and Immunology Scribes Save Doctors 10 Hour Per Week

We recruit scribes and transcriptionists skilled in allergy and immunology terminology to deliver our dictation services. Our production team is poised to help allergists document the diagnosis, treatment, and management of allergies, asthma, and immunologic disorders in their patients. Athreon’s transcriptionists and scribes have approximately 15 years of transcription experience on average. They are skilled at creating various documents inside and outside EHR systems.

Allergy & Immunology Dictation Services That Enhance Process Improvement

If you use ModMed, Kareo, AllergyEHR, CureMD, WRSHealth, or something else, we can return the narratives directly to your health record with our EMR transcription services. Even if you use another EHR, we probably have experience with it. We’re EHR agnostic, so we can work with any EHR you’ve chosen.

What’s more, we provide various audio-capture options for allergists and immunologists. Whether you want to dictate using your phone, a mobile device or tablet, or a handheld digital recorder, we make it easy for you to send us your dictation. Plus, Athreon’s free iOS and Android mobile apps make recording your dictations or patient visits a sinch.

We also offer allergy and immunology speech recognition with our VoiceNote solution if you want to contain costs with our audio-to-text transcription software. Or perhaps you’d work better with a live or offline virtual assistant via our remote medical scribe solution, AxiScribe? Regardless of your charting objectives, Athreon has a speech-to-text solution to make you more productive, less stressed, and more profitable.

The Best Allergy and Immunology Transcription Service

When you streamline your patient charting with our audio-to-text transcription services, your practice is in capable hands with Athreon’s support team. Every day, growing numbers of allergists tell us that Athreon is the best immunology dictation company. Our security, accuracy, simplicity, savings, and speed set the standard.

Outsourcing Allergy & Immunology Transcription $aves

Another benefit of outsourcing to our allergy scribing company is that it’s more cost-effective than creating reports yourself or with an in-house scribe or transcriptionist. Payroll costs, employee benefit costs, and turnover costs are obstacles of the past when you work with Athreon. Plus, dictation lets you treat more patients more quickly and translates into greater earnings for your practice. If you’re ready to grow your practice by 20%, we’re prepared to help you make that goal a reality.

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Athreon has been helping allergists chart smarter for more than 30 years. Our AI technology, talented staff members, speed, reliability, and security standards deliver an unsurpassed ROI. If you’re finally ready to free yourself from arduous EHR charting, our immunology dictation company can help!