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Law enforcement plays a critical role in our communities. Police officers not only strive to keep the public out of harm’s way, but they bear incredible risk in doing so. Being a police officer is dangerous, and it comes with inherent challenges. While some of the challenges are obvious, others are less so. Take, for example, documentation. When there is an incident while an officer is on patrol, they must accurately document their findings in an incident report. Writing these incident reports can be time-consuming and tedious and distract officers from their essential purpose of protecting and serving the community. Still, they are critical for law enforcement analytics.

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Documentation Challenges in Police Case Transcription

Police officers have two choices when it comes to documenting incidents. They can do this while on patrol or back at their desk. Regardless of where they create incident reports, a single report can take many officers anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete. Manually typing reports is not only time consuming, but it distracts officers from serving their communities. This approach limits an officer’s time, is not a wise use of an agency’s resources, and can lead to unnecessary overtime costs. Additionally, because some officers can spend up to half their day typing reports, manual transcription can lead to decreased morale and burnout. There are better options, which is where Athreon’s Trans|IT law enforcement dictation software can help.

Speech to Text Solutions for AI Law Enforcement Transcription

Increasing numbers of agencies are realizing that they can improve efficiencies, lower costs, improve public safety, and boost morale by giving their officers more innovative law enforcement dictation software with Trans|IT. When it comes to transcribing arrest case audio, speech-to-text technology and services from Athreon are chief among these solutions. Because officers can speak much more quickly than they can type or write, many are now creating documents with Trans|IT. When an officer dictates, reports get processed faster and with greater accuracy. Departments that deploy Athreon’s law enforcement dictation software use fewer resources and report a 60% reduction in overtime costs because we help them leverage our proprietary AI speech-to-text technology and highly-qualified human editors.

Law Enforcement Dictation Software – Trans|IT

Athreon’s mobile apps improve police officer productivity and safety. Our CJIS-compatible mobile dictation apps help officers document safely without losing sight of what’s happening around them while on patrol. Officers stay aware of their surroundings because their computer doesn’t distract them. Instead, officers can safely dictate using our law enforcement dictation software. Plus, by leveraging Athreon’s Trans|IT speech-to-text technology, officers can capture a level of detail often forfeited when they perform time-consuming data entry tasks. So, they document more rapidly, more efficiently, and with increased specificity when they speak their findings. Athreon gives agencies the speech-to-text productivity tools they need so they don’t get bogged down with paperwork. Athreon empowers officers to spend more time on patrol protecting the communities they serve.

CJIS-Compatible Documentation

The Benefits of Athreon’s Speech to Text Solutions for Law Enforcement Transcription

Many law enforcement agencies, criminal justice agencies, government agencies, and private investigators turn to Athreon to help them with transcribing arrest case video with Trans|IT. We help departments accomplish more, in less time, and with fewer resources. Athreon offers the best law enforcement dictation software, law enforcement analytics, workflow management, and secure solutions.

  • Improve officer safety
  • Improve public safety
  • Provide CJIS-compatible solutions
  • Support chain of custody requirements
  • Integrate with RMS and CAD systems
  • Provide mobile audio capture options
  • Deliver collaborative document management tools
  • Leverage law enforcement artificial intelligence
  • Provide on-demand reporting
  • Eliminate report backlogs
  • Improve transcript consistency and quality
  • Reduce/eliminate overtime costs by 60%
  • Create police reports three times faster than manual typing
  • Capture more extensive incident details
  • Reduce officer desk time
  • Boost officer morale
  • Increase officer presence in the community

Law Enforcement Transcription Service for Single- and Multi-Speaker Audio Files

Athreon’s proprietary Trans|IT speech-to-text solution for single- and multi-speaker recordings helps you with patrol reports, letters, suspect interrogations, victim interviews, witness statements, 911 calls, transcribing arrest case audio, and much more. We create documents specific to your formatting requirements. We can provide time stamps when a speaker changes, and we use diarization to delineate who is speaking and when. We offer clean-read and verbatim options for transcribing arrest case video with our law enforcement dictation software.

Law Enforcement Translation Solutions for Spanish and Other Foreign Languages

Athreon can provide both law enforcement transcription and translation for police departments. We not only offer translation from Spanish to English, but we support dozens of other languages. Our transcripts clearly show translations between words in a side-by-side columnar format.

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Law Enforcement Transcription Service and Quality Assurance

We carefully screen our law enforcement transcription professionals pre- and post-hire. Our Trans|IT transcriptionists and editors are not only experts at accurately transcribing patrol reports, interrogations, and more, but we make sure they have no criminal history. Our transcriptionists undergo FBI background checks, submit fingerprints, and participate in privacy and cybersecurity training so that we do everything in our power to protect criminal justice information. Likewise, we can restrict transcription labor geographically to support further security requirements. And, of course, our rigorous quality assurance review process ensures agencies receive consistently high-quality law enforcement transcription.

Speech to Text Workflow Management for Law Enforcement Agencies with Trans|IT

Besides providing AI and human transcription service for law enforcement, criminal justice, and government agencies, Athreon furthers the speech-to-text process with collaborative workflow solutions. Sergeants, chiefs, lieutenants, deputies, police officers, and others depend on our law enforcement dictation software to improve criminal justice information accessibility and availability. What’s more, our CJIS-compliant document management platform can integrate with your record management system (RMS) and computer aided dispatch (CAD), which further helps agencies increase officer morale and efficiency.

Law Enforcement Transcription Types

With Trans|IT, you can create a variety of law enforcement transcription documents, including:

Patrol Reports Suspect Interrogations
Victim Interviews Witness Statements
Fire Reports Inmate Phone Calls
911 Dispatch Communications Wiretaps and Surveillance
Letters and Memos Staff and Department Meetings

Spanish Translation for Law Enforcement

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We know law enforcement agencies nationwide are contending with budget cuts. In the face of these budgetary constraints, agencies are struggling to keep up with growing case volumes. Whether you’re looking to outsource all your law enforcement transcription or merely looking for a transcription company to serve as a backup, Athreon Trans|IT is the ideal solution. Contact us for a zero-risk free trial to learn more about our law enforcement dictation software and solutions.