Human Transcription Services with Athreon Trans|IT

Human Transcription, What Is It?

Have you ever wondered what human transcription entails? Essentially, it’s the art of converting spoken words into written text. But don’t let that definition fool you – there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Transcription requires a keen ear, great attention to detail, and a talent for accurately transcribing audio and video recordings into text. That’s precisely what Athreon specializes in, and we call our human transcription service Trans|IT. Our team of skilled human transcriptionists is dedicated to meticulously transcribing audio files into document form, ensuring no details get lost. So whether you’re a busy professional looking to streamline your workload or an individual needing reliable human transcription services, Athreon can help!

Who Uses Human Transcription?

Any organization that depends on documents to run its business can benefit from Athreon’s human transcription services. Typical Trans|IT clients include healthcare companies, law practices, police departments, research universities, insurance companies, and other organizations. Within these organizations, physicians, attorneys, police officers, researchers, podcasters, marketers, reporters, insurance agents, and other professionals are frequent users of our human transcription service. Anyone who needs to create correspondence, reports, research papers, or transcripts can benefit from Athreon’s solutions.

We Provide Human Transcription Service to Several Verticals

Why use Athreon’s Human Transcription Service for Speech to Text?

Professionals around the globe rely on Athreon’s human transcription services and speech-to-text technology. There are several compelling reasons to choose Trans|IT. Clients use our transcription service to improve their operations in several key areas:

  • Increased Productivity. Because people can speak far faster than they can type, Athreon’s human transcription services are invaluable to professionals who need to get more done in less time. Our speech-to-text services and AI technology bolster user efficiency.
  • Faster Delivery. Since people use transcripts to treat patients, make business decisions, and ensure public safety, quickly having access to them is critical. Organizations can lose their competitive edge when dictation backlogs accumulate.
  • Improved Accuracy. In our litigious society, letter-perfect transcripts are a must. Athreon’s professionally trained transcriptionists will ensure that documents are technically accurate per client requirements. Our high-quality transcripts mitigate risk.
  • Enhanced Security. Because data security is essential, our professional speech-to-text service invests substantially in IT security. Trans|IT protects clients with administrative and technical safeguards to ensure data remains secure always.
  • Cost Reduction. Outsourcing transcription can save organizations substantially. The savings add up when an organization eliminates employment expenses associated with in-house transcriptionists (including hiring, taxes, leave, insurance, and retirement benefits).

Athreon Trans|IT delivers cost-effective solutions that reduce business expenses.

Where Is Athreon’s Human Transcription Service Located?

Our headquarters are in the United States. We have hundreds of dedicated transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, and support staff available domestically and internationally. Our human transcription service is available in virtually any place. To access Trans|IT, launch our mobile app, call our dictation line, or upload audio or video files you’ve already recorded. Clients can leverage our highly-qualified transcriptionists and QA staff from anywhere and around the clock.

When are Athreon’s Human Transcription Services Available?

Our Trans|IT transcription service is accessible 24/7/365. Our human transcriptionists are available day and night, and on weekends and holidays, to get clients what they need when they need it. Turnaround times are quick, and we can customize delivery parameters according to client requirements.

How can I use Athreon’s Human Transcription Service?

Call us at 800.935.0973 or send us your inquiry online or chat with us on our website. We have several convenient options to help you convert speech to text, and we handle all standard audio file formats to transcribe audio to text. We’ll review any specialized security and privacy protocols essential to your project, and we can deliver supporting documentation to demonstrate our compliance with CJIS, HIPAA, and other security requirements. We work closely with every client to provide customized human transcription solutions.

We invite you to contact us for a free trial of our service. Our technology, quality, accuracy, security, and speed set Athreon apart and make Trans|IT the best human transcription service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!