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Court-Defensible Transcripts That Help You Detect and Prevent Insurance Fraud

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Insurance Transcription Service Overview

Athreon’s agile service model puts your business objectives center stage. Our speech-to-text solutions help insurance companies detect insurance fraud and avoid paying on fraudulent claims. With insurance fraud cropping up in 10% of property/casualty insurance claims, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, it’s more important than ever for insurers to document their claims calls. The price for insurance fraud in the US exceeds $300 billion annually.

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your business against insurance fraud and be ready to defend your company in court. Athreon’s methodology for converting speech to text bolsters your business intelligence, financial performance, and cyber security with our court-defensible transcripts. We’ve been a trusted partner of health, life, home, and auto insurance carriers for over three decades.

Athreon’s transparent solutions integrate with third-party software, reduce claims representative burnout, and help insurers simplify and fortify their documentation strategy. Our experience lets us quickly adapt to changes that support your evolving business objectives. Athreon is an insurance claims transcription leader with a deep understanding of insurance claims processing and insurance transcription. There’s no better insurance claims transcription partner than Athreon to fortify your business productivity and intelligence while reducing your liability.

Bolster Your Insurance Claims Processing Cycle with Athreon’s Audio Transcription Service

Insurance Claims Interview Transcripts

Athreon’s approach to speech-to-text conversion aligns with your insurance transcription objectives. Our transcripts present a highly-accurate narrative record of your media files with speaker diarization, time stamping, and non-verbal cue tracking.

Our Verbatim Service is for you when you need a word-for-word transcript that includes all false starts, stutters, slang, fillers, and interrupting phrases. And, if you need customized transcript formatting for your analytics, our Verbatim+ Service comes to the rescue.

Our Clean-Read Service is a smart choice if your objective is a concise and clear transcript uncluttered by verbatim nuances. Our Clean-Read Service preserves the meaning of the recorded dialogue without paraphrasing or summarizing the conversation.

Athreon can transcribe and translate all your audio and video recordings, in any language, including:

  • Claims Calls
  • Interviews
  • Witness Statements
  • Sub Rosa Footage
  • Field Notes
  • Summary Reports
  • Meetings
  • And More!

Since you can speak three times faster than you can write or type, it only makes sense to partner with an insurance claims transcription company like Athreon. Stop wasting time trying to capture and cross-reference details by manually searching for and relistening to your recordings ad-hoc. This labor-intensive approach is not only time-consuming but also error-prone and inefficient. Court-defensible insurance transcripts offer substantially more protection to your business and help you make more-informed strategic decisions.

Choose From Our Verbatim, Verbatim+ or Clean-Read Audio Transcription Service Options

Insurance Transcription Outsourcing That Is Truly Secure

Our insurance transcription service is notably different owing to the rigorous physical, technical, and administrative controls we have in place to protect client data and lessen the risk associated with outsourcing, including:

Security Risk Assessments Business Associate Agreements
HIPAA & Cybersecurity Training Proactive Cyberthreat Monitoring
Advanced Encryption Document Versioning and Auditing
Multifactor Authentication Staff Background Checks
Cyber Liability Insurance Errors & Omissions Insurance

All our insurance transcription solutions are highly secure. For example, our mobile apps and online document management portal protect your data while at rest and in motion. We earn the trust of insurance companies by participating in rigorous security reviews, leveraging the same level of security as the government, and vetting every staff member with a thorough background check.

Our AI Speech Technology Reduces Turnaround Time for Multi-Speaker Audio Recordings

Insurance Transcription Technology Made Simple

 Athreon’s cloud-based insurance transcription model lets insurance companies leverage highly secure and reliable technology with fewer internal support staff and less downtime. Because we maintain and update the infrastructure, clients avoid investing in speech-to-text technology, which reduces demands on internal IT resources. Athreon makes it easier than ever to outsource insurance transcription easily and confidently.

Athreon’s Technological Differentiators

  • Secure cloud-based ASP technology
  • 99.999% system uptime
  • 24×7 data backup and redundancy
  • Highly-accurate speech recognition paired with human review
  • Exceptional speech data library
  • AI and human quality reviews
  • Flexible workflow management
  • Rich structured documentation
  • Audio and document archival
  • Demographics integration
  • Real-time turnaround monitoring
  • Multiple audio capture options
  • Multiple document delivery options

Double Your Insurance Claims Capacity with Athreon’s Insurance Transcription Service

Athreon’s Quality – How We Compare

We are committed to quality control measures that are complete, thorough, accurate, consistent, transparent, and yield measurable results. Our insurance transcription service model allows us to document more consistently and with greater detail and specificity than when insurance adjusters self-document.

Athreon’s objective is to work with everyone who has a stake in the speech-to-text process to regularly assess and improve quality. Claims vice presidents, claims directors, claims managers, and claims representatives all have concerns, and we have solutions. We understand that insurers depend on the transcripts we produce to make sound decisions that further business and financial outcomes.

As your insurance claims transcription partner, we work every day to deliver accurate transcripts that drive improved quality. Our quality is unmatched with concurrent and retrospective reviews, regular QA reporting, and independent QA analysis.

Make Better Data-Driven Business Decisions with Athreon’s Insurance Transcription Service

Athreon’s Audio Transcription Service Improves Your Bottom Line

  • Detect and reduce insurance fraud
  • Generate court-defensible transcripts
  • Ensure security and HIPAA compliance
  • Strengthen your claims processing cycle
  • Document benefits decisions better
  • Access advanced technology
  • Lessen your reliance on support staff
  • Generate rapid ROI
  • Enhance and customize your workflow
  • Reduce transcript turnaround time
  • Eliminate file backlogs
  • Elect from full or partial outsourcing options
  • Access qualified insurance claims transcription labor

Detect and Prevent Insurance Fraud with Athreon’s Speech-to-Text Solutions

Foreign Language Translation for Insurance Companies

To create even more value and convenience for our insurance claims transcription clients, Athreon offers foreign language translation services in several languages, including Spanish translation. We routinely provide documents in a two-column format, with the source language transcript appearing in the left column and the English translation in the right. Our court-defensible transcripts offer concrete solutions for all your documentation challenges.