Speech Recognition

When speeding document delivery, lowering costs and shortening billing cycles are among your main business objectives, Athreon’s speech recognition technology is often the ideal solution.


Athreon’s automated speech recognition (ASR) dictation technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is a powerful productivity tool designed to improve workflow and reduce costs – all without sacrificing quality. Our ASR solution can be deployed in most any environment with zero capital expense. There is no hardware to buy and no licensing fees to pay. Our speech recognition dictation solution works seamlessly in the background, and constantly learns and adapts to the way your dictators speak.

Lower Costs with Speech Recognition

With Athreon speech recognition, we can lower your transcription costs. We are able to do this because our speech recognition technology creates a voice-to-text draft transcription document, which requires less human labor to produce. A human editor simply proofreads the speech-generated draft for accuracy and approves it for final client delivery. Since a person can edit a job approximately twice as fast as they can transcribe it from scratch, the time and labor involved to create voice transcripts is significantly reduced, and the savings are passed along to you. Plus, our pay-as-you-go model requires no capital investment. We’ve invested substantially in our ASR technology so you don’t have to.

Speech Recognition Quality & Accuracy

Many organizations have avoided speech recognition due to fears of poor quality, prior negative outcomes or cost-prohibitive investments in ASR technology. Athreon understands all these concerns are legitimate. This is why we have developed a proven voice recognition system that measures quality and ensures accuracy. All speech-recognized drafts are reviewed by professionally-trained human editors prior to client delivery. Our skilled human labor ensures that clients have an exceptional speech recognition experience. Athreon provides an enviable blend of cutting-edge speech to text technology that is backed by the best human editors available.

Speech Recognition for Fast Turnaround Time

Another major benefit of Athreon’s speech recognition is that it cuts turnaround time dramatically. This is especially useful for facilities that experience peaks and valleys with their dictation volume. Because most audio files automatically convert to text in a matter of minutes, human editors can review far more documents in much less time than it would take to transcribe them from scratch. Rapid speech to text turnaround times mean you can make critical business decisions faster and shorten your billing cycles. With the time and money saved, the value proposition that Athreon’s voice transcription service offers is clear.

Speech Recognition for EHR Users

A common complaint among EHR users is that it takes too much time to enter data into the electronic patient record – even when frontend speech recognition is an option. On average, providers who use Athreon’s backend speech recognition are able to cut their EHR time by 67%. The bottom line is that doctors don’t like administrative tasks and understandably so. The EHR can be a big distraction from patient care. Likewise, patients don’t like to feel their physician’s computer is more important than they are during an office visit. With Athreon’s speech recognition technology, doctors simply speak the narrative portions of their findings (into their preferred device) so they can stay actively engaged with their patients. Athreon’s speech recognition technology works in the background and all proofread speech-recognized data is returned to the precise fields in the EHR where it belongs.

Speech Recognition Benefits

The benefits of our speech recognition technology include:

  • Zero capital investment
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Reduced transcription labor costs
  • Access to best-of-breed technology
  • Expedited turnaround
  • Shortened billing cycles
  • Greater EHR adoption (healthcare clients)
  • Increased dictator satisfaction
  • Streamlined workflow

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