Athreon invests substantially in its multiple technologies. Our developers aim to bring to market solutions that are both intuitive and easy to deploy.


Put simply, our customers love our technology! Athreon’s solutions ensure that clients always have the latest and greatest technological advances to make their jobs easier. What’s more, our technology can be customized to accommodate nearly any workflow scenario. Explore what we can do for you via the links below. We encourage you to contact us to learn how we can tailor fit a solution to your specific business objectives.

Mobile Apps

By a large margin, our clients record more dictation with their smartphones and iPads than with any other dictation method we offer.

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Whether you prefer to dictate via your smart phone, telephone or by some other method, Athreon has a variety of dictation options to support your preferences.

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System Interface

We’ve deployed over 1500 no-cost EHR interfaces to date. We’ve yet to encounter a system we haven’t been able to interface with.

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Since speech data is complex and a need for accuracy grows, Athreon provides customers with a variety of ways to understand dictation, transcription, and speech to text data in a meaningful way. Reporting technology and analytics are available to customers based on request and best practice. Athreon knows what really works based on experience.

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Speech Recognition

Athreon’s automated speech recognition (ASR) dictation technology is a powerful productivity tool designed to improve workflow and reduce costs – all without sacrificing quality.

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With Athreon’s portal technology, you’re always in complete control of your data. We understand that you need to have anywhere/anytime access to your data from both workstations and mobile devices.

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