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Be More Productive with the Best Speech-to-Text App Available

Athreon’s mobile apps help professionals in all verticals work more intelligently and efficiently. Our dictation apps let you can convert single-speaker recordings and interviews into accurate transcripts quickly and securely. Because they’re so intuitive and reliable, universities, police departments, law practices, medical centers, and insurance companies across North America have deployed our dictation apps. Athreon’s mobile apps accelerate document creation, improve transcript accuracy, and alleviate documentation headaches while maximizing ROI.

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Why Athreon’s iOS and Android Mobile Dictation Apps Are Different

We deliver the best speech-to-text app for Android and iOS users because our mobile apps are more than ordinary recording tools. They integrate with your technology and our suite of comprehensive document management solutions. With our speech-to-text app, Athreon clients can review, edit, sign, and distribute documents all from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. These productivity gains make ours the best speech-to-text app you can use among competing transcription apps.

Athreon’s Speech-to-Text App Advantages

Mobile Apps Telephones Digital Recorders
Visual Interface Yes No Limited
Access to Historical Data Yes No No
Automatic Audio Uploads Yes Yes No
Eliminates Phone Costs Yes No Yes
eSign Integration Yes No No
Real-Time Dashboard Yes No No
Online & Offline Mode Yes No N/A

Dictation App Features with Athreon

  • Data Encryption. Our dictation apps are HIPPA/HITECH compliant and CJIS compatible. They encrypt your sensitive information on data and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Online & Offline Mode. Even when you don’t have Internet, our apps can still capture audio seamlessly and upload recordings when you regain connectivity.
  • Workflow Dashboard. Conveniently see every job you’ve submitted, which ones you’ve saved locally, and where they are in your workflow in real time.
  • Highly Configurable. Athreon can modify the app to suit your organization’s specific workflow requirements for both single users and workgroups.
  • Speech Recognition. Because our dictation apps employ speech recognition, turnaround is fast!
  • Template Integration. Customized templates help remind users to address all required fields, reduce dictation time, and maintain transcript consistency.
  • Automatic Delivery. Our apps automatically send your audio files and retrieve your completed transcripts so you can avoid manual uploading and downloading.
  • Review, Edit & Sign. Users can optionally view, modify, and electronically sign all documents directly in the app to expedite document approval and delivery.
  • Multi-Device Support. Recordings can be started on one device, suspended, and then finished on another device.
  • Insert, Overwrite & Append. We make it easy to manage your recordings. You can easily insert, overwrite, or append to the audio when you change your mind.
  • Prioritization. When you need a file rushed ahead of the rest, it’s simple to mark the job as a priority so you can receive it before other jobs in queue for processing.
  • Transcript Archival. Past transcripts are accessible via the app’s archive, which makes querying historical documents convenient.
  • Distribution. Users can efficiently deliver completed documents to their intended endpoint via third-party database repositories, printers, and faxes.
  • EHR Compatible. Healthcare providers that dictate with our mobile app can have their completed transcripts returned manually or automatically to their EHR.
  • Schedule Integration. For medical centers, our apps can sync with patient scheduling systems so providers see a list of visits awaiting dictation.