Work At Home Opportunities

Learn why so many transcriptionists, editors, and virtual scribes prefer Athreon


With Athreon, you’ll have access to a consistent workflow that is both challenging and rewarding, all from the convenience of your home office. Our transcriptionists and editors work on a wide array of projects. For example, our scribes work one-on-one with physicians, nurses, PAs, and other licensed healthcare professionals. We support medical practices, hospitals, law firms, police departments, universities, media outlets, and insurance companies. Our transcriptionists and virtual scribes share a love of language and a commitment to learning, quality, and security. If you are in North America and have the qualifications and passion for our transcription, editing, or scribe jobs, we encourage you to apply today!


We’re here to help when you need it! Our transcriptionists and virtual scribes benefit from a dedicated Help Desk available during weekday business hours. Athreon’s friendly support team assists with all typical remote work issues, including technical support. Assistance is available by chat, email, and phone. And you can reach us after-hours too in case of an emergency.


We know you need feedback to learn and get better at what you do. For this reason, we stay in regular contact with our transcriptionists, editors, and medical scribes and provide constructive performance-related feedback. We also give you tips and tricks to help you increase your productivity. Working remotely can sometimes feel isolating, so we’re here when you need us.


Working from home offers tremendous flexibility. However, it’s not for everyone. Working remotely requires self-motivation, discipline, superb time management, and excellent communications skills. If you enjoy working independently, are a self-starter, and are dependable, Athreon may be the perfect fit. On the other hand, if you don’t have a dedicated home office, reliable internet connectivity, and uninterrupted time where you’ll be able to focus on your work, Athreon won’t be a match. Those who can manage time effectively and work without close supervision are best suited to work at home.


Our transcriptionists, editors, and virtual scribes tend to enjoy a predictable workflow. While there can be ebbs in flows, as is common in the speech-to-text industry, an extensive array of intriguing jobs is the result of our dedicated sales and marketing teams. New opportunities regularly come available. This means consistent earnings for our work at home scribes and transcriptionists. Plus, as an added precaution, our scribes, editors, and transcriptionists are assigned primary, secondary (and sometimes tertiary) accounts to promote consistency.


Our remote scribes, editors, and transcriptionists love our software. It’s easy to learn, feature-rich, and intuitive. Our platform helps work at home scribes and transcriptionists produce a high volume of work in less time while minimizing unproductive administrative tasks. For instance, our highly-accurate speech recognition technology helps our virtual transcriptionists produce more work in less time. If you do medical scribing work for us, you will even have the opportunity to work with one or more electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Work Types

Multiple assignments in various industries and medical specialties keep Athreon scribes and transcriptionists excited to work each day. With Athreon, you’re always learning something new! For example, you could transcribe interviews for a police department as well as clinic notes for a cardiologist. You’ll work on projects and accounts based on your expertise, availability, and experience. This approach increases your productivity and improves work quality for clients.


If you’re a superstar transcriptionist, editor, or medical scribe, you could find yourself with the option to work in quality assurance, as a team lead, trainer, mentor, or in other senior roles. Transcriptionists and virtual scribes that understand the big picture, excel in critical thinking, and are obsessed with customer satisfaction can find themselves in a much different place than where they start with Athreon. We aim to promote internally for new opportunities wherever possible.

Compensation & Benefits

We pay on-time and competitively. Payment is weekly via PayPal for independent contractors and direct deposit for employees. Our compensation system offers production-based transcriptionists more significant earnings potential. For example, contractors benefit from our incentive-based structure, predicated on the number of lines or jobs you type. For employees, we compensate hourly or by salary depending on the job duties. Medical, dental, and vision benefits are available for our staff members with full-time employee status.