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Business Transcription Services Overview

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from using transcription services. For example, consulting firms, real estate agencies, marketing companies, banks, and trade associations can all benefit from converting recorded audio and video files into text documents. Transcription positions businesses to capture critical business data for future retrieval. Transcripts help to create permanent records, improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, create marketing materials, free up limited internal staffing resources, and so much more!

Since 1988, our transcription solutions have served thousands of users in businesses of all sizes. Athreon helps companies make smarter data-driven decisions with less effort. Clients in various industries use our services, including legal, medical, law enforcement, and others. We leverage our advanced AI speech technology and skilled human labor to accommodate projects of various sizes, complexity, and duration. We are committed to preparing your documents to your satisfaction – securely, accurately, and by your deadline!

Types of Business Transcripts We Produce

  • Annual Meeting Transcripts
  • Board Meeting Transcripts
  • Conference Call Transcripts
  • Corporate Transcripts
  • Earnings Call Transcripts
  • Financial Transcripts
  • Focus Group Transcripts
  • Handwriting Transcripts
  • Interview Transcripts
  • Lecture Transcripts
  • Market Research Transcripts
  • Meeting Minutes Transcripts
  • PDF Transcripts
  • Phone Call Transcripts
  • Press Release Transcripts
  • Seminar Transcripts
  • Sermon Transcripts
  • Shareholder Meeting Transcripts
  • Speech Transcripts
  • Teleconference Transcripts
  • Telephone Call Transcripts
  • Training Session Transcripts
  • Webinar Transcripts

Athreon Delivers a Stronger ROI on Business Transcription

Most businesses outsource transcription projects because it’s more economical than keeping this function in-house. When companies outsource transcription, they save on costs associated with employment taxes, office space, employee benefits, technology expenses, staff hiring, and turnover costs. In addition, businesses that outsource transcription can often get the work done more quickly and with fewer errors than if they attempt to do it themselves. What’s more, Athreon provides domestic and global labor options that accommodate virtually any budget.

A Business Transcription Company You Can Trust

Athreon takes data privacy and security seriously. We have implemented many measures to protect our client data, including physical, administrative, and technical safeguards:

Physical Safeguards

Athreon’s facilities are physically secure, behind locked doors, and our data centers use security cameras and alarm systems, among other security mechanisms. Our primary and backup data centers are in secure, off-site locations with limited access.

Administrative Safeguards

We have implemented policies and procedures to protect client data, including ongoing employee training on data security and confidentiality. We also conduct regular systems audits to ensure that data is appropriately protected.

Technical Safeguards

We use industry-leading encryption technologies to protect client data in transit and at rest. Likewise, our systems are regularly monitored for vulnerabilities, and we have procedures to quickly address any security issues that could arise.

Athreon is committed to protecting client data and ensuring it is always handled confidentially and securely. Our methodology helps to ensure the safety and security of each client’s sensitive business information. We even participate in third-party and client-led security reviews to further attest to our commitment to security.

Flexible Recording Options – Including for iOS and Android Devices

Do you need an easy way to record audio? Athreon offers a variety of dictation capture options to fit your needs. You can make recordings by telephone, digital voice recorder, tablet, or smartphone. We support both iOS and Android devices with our free mobile app.

Athreon’s mobile apps not only help you capture your dictations, interviews, meetings, and more, they let you track the progress of each transcript and review finished documents from your mobile device. If you’re looking for a mobile dictation solution that is flexible and convenient, Athreon is the best transcription company you can choose. Contact us to see a demo of our mobile app.

Highly Qualified Business Transcription Specialists

Athreon’s transcriptionists are highly qualified and have undergone a rigorous vetting process that includes a background check. We only employ individuals who have proven experience and expertise in the field of transcription. Most Athreon transcriptionists have 15 years of experience on average.

Athreon offers both domestic and global labor options to suit various business requirements. Our global transcription resources are based in the Philippines and India. They undergo the same background check and vetting processes as our domestic team and are subject to the same quality control procedures. This ensures you receive excellent quality transcriptions, no matter the labor option you choose.

Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance with Athreon’s Transcription Service

Business people that use Athreon’s transcription service can record audio or video and have a highly-qualified transcriptionist quickly convert the speech to text. The result is a polished final document that makes you look your best! Our audio-to-text transcription service helps business professionals to focus on their core revenue-generating activities and less on mundane clerical work. Left unchecked, document creation admin tasks can hijack hours from your workday and overwhelm you. This is why businesses that outsource to Athreon report greater job satisfaction. Utilizing our transcription services allows you to feel less stressed and enjoy a greater work-life balance. Athreon is poised to help you increase your job satisfaction and prevent burnout!

The Role of Speech Recognition in Business Dictation Services

Our speech recognition technology has advanced tremendously during our decades in the speech-to-text transcription industry. Today, Athreon’s speech recognition software can generate high-quality transcripts quickly and accurately. 200 speech scientists back our AI speech recognition technology, which leverages machine learning. That said, we realize that speech recognition is a tool and not a magic bullet. The output still requires human editing to ensure accuracy. That’s where our editors and QA staff showcase their expertise!

We use our advanced AI speech recognition technology and human editors to produce error-free transcripts quickly and efficiently. We do it better than anyone else in the industry. Our approach saves businesses time and money without compromising on transcript quality. If you work with an agency that exclusively provides human labor to produce your transcripts, expect the delivery timeframes and labor costs to reflect those limitations.

Quality Business Transcription Services That Make You Look Your Best

Athreon’s quality assurance process begins with hiring the most qualified transcriptionists. If the transcriptionist doesn’t have a passion for quality, they’re not a match for Athreon. We only hire transcriptionists with extensive experience and strong attention to detail. In addition, all our transcriptionists undergo rigorous training on our quality standards and procedures.

Once a transcript is created, it is reviewed by an editor for accuracy. We also have quality control managers who review transcripts concurrently and retroactively to ensure they meet our high standards. This quality assurance process ensures that our clients always receive the best outputs possible.

Additionally, our QA staff carefully reviews transcripts for accuracy. They compare transcripts to the original audio files to answer questions from the production staff and ensure that documents meet client requirements. Our QA staff efforts ensure our clients always receive the best quality transcripts!

Transcript Formatting That Fits Your Business Needs

Athreon delivers transcription services that fit your formatting requirements. We can accept virtually any video or audio format and return transcripts to you in PDF, RTF, TXT, or DOC format. We can use your preferred templates, including logos, fonts, text sizes, timestamping, speaker identification, and more. This ensures that your transcripts will look exactly as you want.

Additionally, we offer two transcription services: clean read and verbatim. Clean read transcripts are lightly edited for grammar and spelling, while verbatim transcripts are transcribed exactly as spoken, including all utterances and pauses.

Which option is right for you depends on your needs. A clean-read transcript is the best option if you need a transcript that is easy to read and free of stutters, slang, and false starts. However, if you need a transcript that captures all the nuances of the original audio recording, then verbatim transcription is the better choice.

Foreign Language Translation Service

Athreon offers translation services in addition to typing services. We can translate your transcripts into a variety of languages. With our two-column format, the source language appears on the left side of the document, and the translated text appears on the right. This makes it easy to cross-reference the translated text. Our qualified translators are experienced in translating transcripts for various business requirements. Athreon can translate your video or audio files into nearly any language you need. We’re ready to help you reach your global audience!

Scalable Business Transcription Solutions

Athreon’s services are scalable, so you can use as little or as much of our transcription services as you need. We offer a pay-as-you-go option with no long-term contract, which means you only pay for the transcripts you need. And because our staff includes hundreds of transcriptionists, editors, QA specialists, client support personnel, implementation managers, and technical experts, we can handle even the largest projects quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a business transcription solution that is flexible, secure, convenient, and accurate, look no further than Athreon. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to get started on your next project.