Privacy at Athreon

Your Data Belongs to You. Period.

Privacy Overview

We handle client data as we want our own to be treated: responsibly, securely, and confidentially. We only use client data to carry out the work you’ve asked us to perform on your behalf. What’s more, we never sell client data. We demonstrate complete transparency when it comes to processing the data in our care.

Your Privacy Rights

We support each client’s right to:

  • Know who has had access to their data, when, where, how, and what they did with it.
  • Request correction to, limitation of, or destruction of their data.
  • Withdraw their consent to our handling of their data.
  • Object to receiving marketing materials from us.


Privately Held

Athreon is a privately-held company. We don’t answer to investors. Because outside stakeholders do not influence our decision making or how we handle client data, we are not conflicted by competing interests. We answer to you, our clients. We like this arrangement and intend to keep it this way.

Morals Over Money

We’re concerned about doing the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing. We’ve never taken shortcuts to make a quick profit for the sake of doing what’s ethically questionable. Our focus on doing right by our clients, employees, and community has helped us grow organically, steadily, and responsibly.


Commitment to Privacy

For more than 30 years, we’ve been building strong relationships with our clients that are rooted in trust. Through our actions, our clients know we want them to succeed. They know we have their best interest at heart, and we have earned their confidence by staying true to our mission.