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Effortless and Seamless Patient Record Generation

AxiScribe AI

Athreon’s AxiScribe AI, is an advanced AI solution for healthcare that transforms medical scribing. With its advanced natural language processing, machine learning, and ambient AI capabilities, AxiScribe AI produces accurate and comprehensive patient records in the least intrusive way possible.

More Accurate Than Dragon Speech Recognition

Faster & More Reliable Than Human Scribes

Outperforms Competing Ambient AI Solutions

Passive Background Charting

AxiScribe AI acts as a virtual AI scribe, seamlessly charting in the background while providers, patients, and family members engage in natural conversation during a patient visit. There is no need for clinicians to interrupt the flow of the conversation or rely on prompts. AxiScribe AI intelligently captures the relevant clinical data, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted patient experience.

Mobile App & PC Integration

By working in conjunction with Athreon’s mobile app or your PC. AxiScribe AI simplifies the process of capturing the patient encounter. Our technology records the audio of the visit, which then undergoes advanced speech recognition within AxiScribe AI’s powerful AI engine. No additional special devices or additional hardware are required.

Optional Human Verification

The recorded media file goes through speech recognition to generate clinical notes. As necessary,  Human healthcare documentation specialists, Athreon’s highly-experienced virtual medical scribes, can meticulously verify these notes to ensure accuracy and quality. Subsequently, the human-verified clinical notes appear in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the clinician’s review and signature.

EHR Agnostic and Portable

AxiScribe AI integrates work with any Electronic Health Record system, making it EHR agnostic. Its portability allows healthcare providers to integrate it into their workflow without disruption.

Seamless Integration and Support

AxiScribe AI works seamlessly in any care setting, supporting all medical specialties. Clinicians can have natural conversations with their patients, focusing on providing high-quality care while AxiScribe AI effortlessly captures the necessary information in the background.

Most Notes Generated in an Average of 2 Minutes

No Per-User Licensing Fees

On-Demand AI Scribing


Security and privacy are paramount in healthcare. AxiScribe AI fully complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring the protection and confidentiality of patient information.

Experience the Future of Medical Scribing with AxiScribe AI

Join the revolution in medical documentation and enhance your practice with the power of AxiScribe AI. Improve efficiency, accuracy, patient satisfaction, and profitability while reducing administrative burdens. Take the first step toward a seamless and advanced medical scribing solution by integrating AxiScribe AI into your workflow. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.