Written Information Security Policy Development

We help your business establish operational expectations and achieve compliance with our Written Information Security Policy (WISP) Solution

Compliance and Written Information Security Policies

Whether you work in healthcare, finance, insurance, or banking, Written Information Security Policies (also known as Written Information Security Programs, Written Information Security Plans, and WISPs) are fundamental to reducing the risk of a cyber-attack or data breach. These documents lay down critical areas of focus, expectations, and levels of responsibility that staff must follow to ensure the safety and integrity of all data handled within an organization. Just as important is their role in compliance with relevant regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and CCPA, without them, legal action could arise against the company should a breach occur.

Formalizing information security protocols not only helps to ensure compliance but also reduces risk. A WISP sets out, at an organizational level, what acceptable behavior looks like when managing data. Adopting Written Information Security Policies helps organizations ensure that personnel remain conscious of digital threats and thus actively contribute towards protecting their organization from harm.

Written Information Security Policy Development

Developing a Written Information Security Program in a business requires careful consideration by a knowledgeable and experienced team. The responsibility for this task should fall upon individuals with technical backgrounds who are knowledgeable in the importance of protecting data and familiar with the applicable legal requirements. Any business above the mom-and-pop level should seek unbiased outside WISP support, like Athreon’s WISP Solution. Those most qualified to develop effective information security policies in a business context include IT risk and compliance professionals, cybersecurity engineers, and experienced lawyers and legal advisors. Creating a clear information security protocol is essential for companies looking to protect their valuable data and operations from external threats. When it comes to developing and implementing your WISP, Athreon can help you shine.*

Updating Your Security Policies

Security policies are critically important in today’s digital environment, where sensitive data needs to be carefully secured. From a business perspective, up-to-date security policies are often necessary to meet various compliance requirements. Furthermore, security policy updates should occur regularly to stay ahead of malicious actors and emerging cyber threats. This is because keeping a WISP static enables hackers to use known vulnerabilities against organizations and their staff. Companies should generally update their Written Information Security Plan at least once a year, but this depends on the company size and industry they are operating in and the type of data they collect and store. When companies regularly assess and update their WISP, they fortify themselves against malicious activity and keep their digital assets secure for the long term.

How Athreon Helps with Your WISP Development

Are you wondering, “How can I develop a WISP?” Athreon provides businesses with turnkey Written Information Security Policies so they can ensure the protection of their data. Our easy-to-understand policies help establish a framework for protecting your business from administrative, physical, and technical vantage points. Moreover, our policies are provided in Microsoft Word, meaning you have complete control to customize them as needed. Whether it’s a minor tweak or making significant edits, we give our clients full control to tailor our enterprise-grade WISP protocols to their unique needs! Our WISP policy template library includes the following:

Administrative Policies

Assigned Security Responsibility Security Incident Procedures
Security Management Emergency Operations
Minimal Data Collection Data Sensitivity Classification
Information Access Third-Party Service Providers
Employee Termination Sanctions
WISP Distribution Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Contingency Planning Security Awareness Training

Physical Policies

Facility Access Controls Network Security

Technical Policies

Access Control System Activity Review
Computer Use Encryption
Data Disposal

Employees and Security Policies

Written Information Security Policies are invaluable in maintaining safe and secure computer networks. Still, unless the WISPs are implemented and followed, they are useless. Businesses must do more than simply develop or purchase security policies; they must ensure their employees acknowledge and comply with them. In addition to introducing new tools or technologies to ensure cybersecurity, businesses need to create a security-oriented culture among their staff. Employee education must be a central feature of any organizational security strategy so that employees understand how to appropriately protect their company’s data. Establishing clear expectations through written procedures, having managers serve as role models, providing responsibilities and rewards regarding security procedures, and creating an open dialogue around cybercrime will help ensure all team members understand security policy compliance requirements.

Fortunately, with Athreon’s turnkey WISP solution, employees can electronically sign to acknowledge that they have received the security policies and agree to follow them. Reviewing and signing the policies in Athreon’s Security Portal correlates with points added to an employee’s Employee Secure Score, which is like a cybersecurity credit score. Likewise, managers can access reports showing which employees have electronically acknowledged the WISP and which have not. Athreon helps you evolve from analog, paper-based systems that are inefficient and time-consuming.

Start Protecting Your Business with Athreon

Plain and simple, businesses without a WISP are putting themselves in jeopardy. And if your business makes headlines for a data breach without a WISP, expect no regulator, prosecutor, or journalist to cut you a break. Not having an up-to-date WISP will reflect poorly if criminal investigations or legal proceedings arise from the attack. However, failing to have any Written Information Security Plan at all is indefensible in our digitally interconnected world. So, ensure you have a robust and actively implemented WISP as part of your business’s defense strategy against cyber threats. A well-crafted and executed WISP will help your organization save time, money, and reputational damage in the long run. Contact us for a free WISP consultation at 800.935.0973.