Dark Web Monitoring and Scanning

“There’s a compounding and unraveling chaos that is perpetually in motion in the Dark Web’s toxic underbelly.”

James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Surface, Deep, and Dark Web

Visiting the Internet feels like an almost limitless journey. The information we can find online is tremendous, but there’s far more to explore than many people realize. Think of the Internet as a series of layers. The surface web consists of ordinary websites that any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing can access. Anything outside these parameters is considered the deep web.

Delving from the surface web into the deep web, we find different levels or tiers of the Internet with distinct purposes and risks. This deep web includes corporate networks, social networks, online banking portals, paywalled content, private accounts, and more. Going even deeper into the digital abyss is where we find the dark web. The dark web can be a double-edged sword.

What Is the Dark Web?

The dark web is an anonymous Internet layer hidden from traditional search engines and browsers. Visitors may only access it through specialized tools, such as Tor or I2P, which allow all activity to remain untraceable. It offers a sense of privacy for its users by allowing them to access the web anonymously, with their IP addresses hidden from servers.

The dark web houses various activities, including legitimate trade, illegal transactions, and access to censored material. While it is shrouded in mystery to many and often associated with nefarious activities, many journalists and political dissidents rely on the anonymity the dark web provides when trying to protect their identities online. Although there can be both beneficial and troubling dimensions to this tier of the Internet, it is highly advisable to stay away from the dark web because of the dangerous security risks associated with its virtual landscape.

How the Dark Web Can Harm Your Business

The dark web can pose a significant threat to any business. Malicious actors frequently use this hidden corner of the Internet to buy or sell sensitive information, such as personal or financial data stolen from organizations. Cybercriminals also covertly launch attacks from the dark web and take advantage of organizations lacking proper cyber defenses, which puts business operations at risk and can result in financial loss for the company. Additionally, information shared on the dark web can quickly spread throughout much more visible online spaces, leading to public misconceptions that damage a company’s reputation. All these factors make it clear that businesses need to stay vigilant and prioritize prevention when it comes to protecting against dark web threats.

Employees and the Dark Web

An employee’s computer habits can be a significant liability for their employer when it comes to the dark web. An employee may unknowingly violate company policies related to privacy or install malicious software that could put the entire organization at risk. Furthermore, if an employee uses untrustworthy websites to conduct online activities, this increases the likelihood of stolen financial information making its way to the dark web, where fraudsters and hackers can access it. There is also a risk of exposed or recycled employee passwords appearing on the dark web, where bad actors can use them to gain access to confidential company information. For all these reasons, it’s critical to educate employees on safe computing practices with security awareness training.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is a form of cybersecurity vigilance that involves searching the dark web for any information related to a business. This includes scanning for sensitive data, like credentials or confidential financial information, that hackers may have obtained after infiltrating a system. Dark web monitoring is vital for businesses because it helps protect companies from malicious actors and alerts them if a security breach happens. Through dark web monitoring, companies can mitigate risks and safeguard their sensitive data. Knowing what’s happening in the shadow cyber-sphere gives organizations greater peace of mind when protecting their business assets and reputation.

Dark Web Scanning

A dark web scan is an essential tool that helps keep personal and business information safe and secure. It involves scanning the dark web regularly to uncover data exposed from illegal activities or breaches. Scanning once is simply not enough. A single scan gives a snapshot of exposed data in that precise moment in time. Since new data is posted to the dark web every minute of every hour of every day, consistent monitoring is the only wise choice. Regular scanning helps to identify any unauthorized access or use of information online. With dark web scans, you position yourself to get one step closer to being cyber-savvy and prepared for growing digital threats.

Why Hiring Athreon for Your Dark Web Scans Makes Good Business Sense

With the rise of digital technology, all organizations are vulnerable to attacks from the dark web and need adequate protection. Hiring Athreon for your dark web scanning and monitoring is smart because you leverage our expertise, especially if dark web resources and experience are lacking in your business. Our cyber security experts and analysts understand how cybercriminals think. We are better equipped than most to help you mitigate potential threats before it becomes too late. Likewise, Athreon’s dark web scanning and monitoring tools can be helpful to you because:

  • We monitor threats to your business accounts
  • We empower you to conveniently track threats to your personal accounts
  • We alert you to dark web exposures
  • We show you precisely which sensitive data is exposed
  • We help you mitigate the threats associated with data exposure

When you’re ready to secure your business from the inside out and safeguard against dark web threats, we’re here to help.