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Ophthalmology Transcription, Speech Recognition, and Scribing Solutions

Did you know that many ophthalmologists spend nearly 4 hours a day documenting in their EHR? Sadly, it’s true. Ophthalmologists spend roughly 2 hours charting in the clinic and finish the other 2 hours at home. Fortunately, Athreon’s speech-to-text transcription solutions empower ophthalmologists to work smarter. Whether you use our ophthalmology speech recognition, dictation service, or medical scribing solution, we’re ready to help you work more efficiently than ever.

Athreon’s speech-to-text solutions help doctors specializing in eye care to create operative reports, clinic notes, correspondence, and more three times faster by using their voice. Our AI and human-powered charting solutions put physicians at the center of everything we do. We quickly deploy transcription services for ophthalmologists so they can focus on their patients while we focus on data capture and the EHR. For providers that prefer speech recognition, we invite you to look at our VoiceNote solution. Likewise, we offer AxiScribe as well, which is our medical scribe service.

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Ophthalmology Transcripts – Streamlined and Web-Based

Athreon has been a trusted partner of ophthalmologists for over 30 years. We provide options to dictate by mobile device (iOS and Android), phone, or digital recorder. With Athreon, documenting patient care has never been easier. And our online document management portal makes it easy for surgeons and their admin staff to review, edit, e-sign, distribute, and archive files online. Athreon helps ophthalmology practices to be more efficient and profitable! We will even place completed documents directly in your EHR, whether you use CureMD, EMA, Medflow, EyeMD, Nextech or any other ophthalmology EMR.

Ophthalmology Dictation Service That Stops Physician Burnout

Athreon’s transcription service for ophthalmologists helps minimize data-entry fatigue associated with documenting in EHR systems. Once a doctor dictates, within a matter of minutes or hours, the completed document is available in your EHR or Athreon’s online portal for review. No matter which of our solutions you choose, we empower you to keep your focus on your patients while we untether you from your EHR and admin tasks.

Our healthcare documentation specialists routinely document common ophthalmic conditions like:

Cataract Excessive Tearing Macular Degeneration Strabismus
Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Tumors Proptosis Uveitis
Dry Eye Syndrome Glaucoma Refractive Errors

Our ophthalmology transcription team is well versed in creating ophthalmology operative reports for a variety of surgical procedures, including:

Cataract Surgery Oculoplastic Surgery
Corneal Surgery Orbital Surgery
Eyelid Surgery Refractive Surgery
Glaucoma Surgery Strabismus Surgery
Laser Eye Surgery Vitreoretinal Surgery

Ophthalmology Transcription Outsourcing That’s HIPAA Compliant

Athreon’s speech-to-text solutions are highly secure and HIPAA-compliant. Our mobile apps, web portal, and EHR integration options protect your data at rest and in motion. We even use the same security as the US government, including multifactor authentication. Moreover, every Athreon staff member participates in a thorough background check and ongoing cyber security training.

Ophthalmology Dictation Service That Automates Mundane Tasks

We’ve grown our ophthalmology dictation service by keeping the process user-friendly. Plus, we can capture your patient demographics, so you won’t have to dictate them. Additionally, our apps for iOS and Android can visually walk you through your templates so you don’t omit any required sections. Athreon can even automate document printing and faxing.

Ophthalmology Transcription Service– How Athreon’s Quality Compares

Quality is the cornerstone of Athreon’s ophthalmology transcription service. Our quality processes set the industry standard. We hire the most qualified ophthalmology medical transcriptionists and editors, and our QA team carefully reviews transcripts. Athreon’s ophthalmology clients know they can depend on our transcripts to make sound decisions for their patients.