Speech Recognition for Law Enforcement

Create transcripts with Athreon FirstDraft

Use Cases for Athreon’s Speech Recognition in Law Enforcement

Athreon’s FirstDraft speech-to-text software relieves law enforcement agencies facing staffing limitations, budgetary constraints, and heavy caseloads. Our AI voice recognition software enables law enforcement personnel to easily access automated transcripts for single- and multi-speaker recordings. FirstDraft lets agencies and their officers work smarter instead of harder.

Take, for instance, agencies where staffing is limited. Officers can use Athreon’s law enforcement dictation software to generate reports from audio recordings that would otherwise tether them to a desk for hours. Of course, this administrative work keeps officers off the streets, which doesn’t help to foster community safety.

What’s more, Athreon’s FirstDraft speech recognition can assist LEAs that use predictive analytics to analyze text that supports their investigations. Not only does Athreon’s speech recognition technology reduce mundane tasks for law enforcement agencies, but our tools are highly cost-effective compared to manual processes. Athreon’s technology has revolutionized documentation methods in many agencies. Will yours be next?

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Law Enforcement Dictation Software with Athreon FirstDraft

Make your recordings work for you! Transform your audio and video into easily searchable text in minutes with Athreon’s AI-driven speech recognition software, FirstDraft. Unlock a wealth of new capabilities, quickly locate data, make edits, and share documents securely like never before. For agencies seeking rapid transcripts at a fraction of the cost of human-generated files, FirstDraft is the intelligent choice.

Productivity Enhanced with Athreon’s AI Voice Recognition Software

Harness the power of near real-time speech recognition with Athreon’s FirstDraft. No matter if you need transcripts for your witness statements, jail calls, interviews, or officer patrol reports, FirstDraft can help. Now you can enjoy transcripts with up to 95% accuracy on audio files with good sound quality — even better precision is achievable when you utilize custom language models, dictionaries, or optional human editing with our professional law enforcement transcription services. Our customized AI solution is specifically designed for law enforcement and supports single- and multi-speaker media files. With access anywhere and secure delivery, you’ll quickly have the documents you need. FirstDraft is fast, cost-effective, and hassle-free. Unleash your productivity today with Athreon FirstDraft!

How Our AI Speech Recognition Works – 4 Easy Steps

  1. Capture your police dictation and interviews in any commercially available recording format or with Athreon’s CJIS-compatible mobile app.
  2. Our AI speech recognition software works in the background to generate a high-quality draft document with accuracy rates of approximately 95%.
  3. Access the draft document in Athreon’s web portal in a matter of minutes. Optionally escalate draft transcripts to our Trans|IT human law enforcement transcription services for polishing.
  4. Download the document for further editing in Microsoft Word and import the completed transcripts in your RMS or elsewhere.

Why Use Athreon First Draft as Your Speech Recognition Software?

Security: Our advanced encryption guarantees the highest level of protection for your CJI, so you can trust that your data always stays secure. All media files and transcripts remain protected with end-to-end encryption at rest and in motion.

Savings: With tight budgets in mind, it’s essential to find a cost-effective way of transcribing multiple files quickly while ensuring quality. Our economical alternative to manual law enforcement transcription services ensures the job is done rapidly and at a high accuracy rate.

Efficiency: Unlock the power of near-instant text analysis with our agnostic solution. Most draft transcripts are accurate up to 95%, allowing you to review your transcripts quickly and easily in just minutes!

Intuitive Workflow: Harness the best speech recognition software and industry templates to create searchable documents faster than ever before. You can quickly create, organize, and store your transcripts confidently with Athreon.

Flexibility: With Athreon’s professional editing option, you can send your draft transcript to an Athreon editor for further editing. If that doesn’t fit within your budget or timeline, download the draft and make edits yourself in your preferred text editor.

Speech Recognition – Getting Started

Contact us if you’re ready to unburden yourself from tedious manual transcription processes, growing document backlogs, missed deadlines, and overtime costs associated with document creation. We can show you a better way with our voice-to-text software and help improve morale among your staff members. Contact us for a free consultation at 800.935.0973 to see why Athreon is regularly rated the best among law enforcement transcription companies.