Athreon is an innovator in the audio transcription industry with a focus on developing dictation technology that’s effective and easy to use.


Organizations across multiple industries choose to work with Athreon because it makes sense to get the most value for your dollar. Plus, our unique pricing models help reduce overall documentation and technology expenses comparative to in-house costs and to our competitors. Athreon clients can leverage a variety of options to help deliver maximum ROI.

We’re Serious about Your Bottom Line!

Running your business is expensive! At Athreon, we understand the need to control costs while ensuring business continuity and excellence. For this reason, outsourcing to a qualified company like Athreon works. Not only do you save money when you outsource to Athreon, but you gain a competitive advantage: controlling your savings. While other transcription companies may charge you for the things you don’t need, Athreon can custom tailor your pricing to fit your business. Whether it’s pricing based on characters, lines, pages or even audio minute, Athreon will provide you a pricing model that suits you. And, if you’re an Enterprise Client, there are even more ways we can provide you more control for your dollar.

More Ways Enterprise Clients Save with Qualified Text

With Athreon Qualified Text, we can work with you to identify and develop standards that help you with your budget. Qualified Text generally requires some manual intervention on the part of the transcriptionist, but can be offered at a reduced rate to Enterprise Clients because of the lower labor costs and automation that can be built into the workflow. Qualified Text generally includes:

  • Dictation Standards
  • Section Headings
  • Letter Openings
  • Letter Closings

As compared to other transcription companies, the portions of documents that are identified as Qualified Text can help you save upwards of 50%!

Outsourcing Transcription – A Cost/Benefit Analysis

To put overall documentation costs into further perspective, consider the scenario below.

The average professional spends 10% of their day preparing documents:

  • In an 8-hour workday, 48 minutes accounts for 10% of a lawyer’s or doctor’s time.
  • 48 minutes per day equals 4 hours per week (48 minutes x 5 days = 4 hours).
  • If the professional’s time is worth $150 per hour, this accounts for $600 a week in document preparation costs ($150 x 4 hours = $600).
  • If an organization employs 20 professionals who are all preparing their own documents, this adds up to $12,000 per week (20 professionals x $600 = $12,000).
  • Annually, the organization spends approximately $624,000 in document preparation ($12,000 per week x 52 weeks per year = $624,000).

Realistically, professionals who prepare their own documents may not be saving as much as they think. The numbers show that dictation is a faster, more convenient and more inexpensive documentation method.

Enterprise Clients

If you’re like most Enterprise Clients, you may require specific itemization. With our Print Template technology, we can identify the text we don’t type and provide you an even larger value for your budget. Many items on documents are routine and static – they never change or they can be automated. These include:

  • Stationery/Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Cover Letters
  • Signature Blocks
  • Date of Letters
  • Dates of Dictation and Transcription