Compliance at Athreon

We’re committed to doing more than what’s required. We’re committed to doing what’s right.

Compliance Overview

Regardless of the nature of your work, we understand that when you engage us, you often need us to support you with governmental regulations, like CJIS and HIPAA. We also understand that your corporate governance may have further requirements for suppliers as well. Athreon is sensitive to these requirements, and we are committed to supporting your compliance objectives.

We Support The Law, Client Requirements, and Industry Standards

Outsourcing demands that downstream suppliers support varying regulatory requirements and mandates to mitigate risk and adhere to best practices. At Athreon, we have compliance experts ready to work closely with you to help you with your regulatory initiatives. From participating in security reviews to undergoing specialized security training to signing documents that attest to our commitment to compliance, we’ve done it all. What’s more, as new regulations are mandated and additional requirements enter the stage, we remain agile and adjust as necessary.

HIPAA Compliance CJIS Compliance

Athreon’s Internal Compliance Initiatives and Policies

We have fostered a culture of integrity at Athreon. How we treat each other, our clients and our communities is of paramount importance. At the center of how we operate is our Employee Code of Conduct (ECOC). Our ECOC makes clear the expectations for employee compliance with the law, respect in the workplace, professionalism, avoiding conflicts of interest, and more.

Privacy Policies

Mitigating Compliance Risks

Athreon’s Privacy Officer, Security Officer, and legal counsel mitigate risk. These individuals work together closely to help clients, Athreon, and its employees to stay vigilant against threats, seen and unseen. Additionally, we conduct regular risk assessments and continually refine and update our policies and processes, so we adhere to the latest best practices.

Cultivating Our Workforce

Much of our positive workplace culture and impact on the community is attributable to our focus on employee selection and education. Before hiring new staff members, candidates are carefully screened for their aptitude to uphold Athreon’s mission, vision, and values. Post-hire, staff members participate in continuing education efforts that support organizational best practices and mitigate risks.

Reporting Compliance Concerns

We encourage clients, vendors, employees, or anyone else with concerns about compliance or unethical practices at Athreon to contact Anyone may report a concern without fear of reprisal. A compliance officer will address reported concerns and take the action necessary to remediate the matter.