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Infectious Disease Dictation and Scribing Services

With millions of patients seeking treatment for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis and many other illnesses, infectious disease specialists are busy doctors. Add to the list C. diff, pneumonia, STIs, UTIs, skin infections and more, and it’s essential that infectious disease doctors make sure they’re spending their time as productively as possible. Fortunately, busy physicians have many patient documentation options with Athreon, which include speech recognition, medical scribing, and dictation.

Athreon’s scribes and medical transcriptionists regularly document physical examinations, lab results, and more for infectious disease specialists in inpatient and outpatient settings. Our HIPAA-compliant infectious disease transcription service helps you be more efficient than ever. If you’re ready to work smarter and cut the EHR chains, Athreon’s speech-to-text transcription solutions can help!

Infectious Disease Transcriptionists and Scribes That Save Physicians Time

We hire healthcare documentation specialists experienced at transcribing, editing, and scribing for infectious disease specialists. Experience is a big factor that sets Athreon apart from its competitors with its infectious disease dictation services. Our medical scribes and transcriptionists have over 15 years of infectious disease charting experience, on average, and are adept at documenting infectious disease treatment in four primary categories:

  • Infectious disease care
  • Wound care
  • Infusion care
  • Travel care

Infectious Disease Dictation Services That Bolster Process Improvement

No matter which EHR you use, we’re poised to support it. We’re EHR agnostic, which means we can work with any system you grant us access to for your patient charting. And we have a variety of options to capture your audio recordings. These include telephone dictation, mobile app dictation, and digital handheld recorder dictation. Our mobile apps make it easy to dictate patient visits on iOS and Android devices.

We also offer infectious disease speech recognition with our VoiceNote solution. Or, if you prefer a remote medical scribe to work on your charts, our AxiScribe scribing solution for infectious disease specialists may be ideal. No matter your preferences, Athreon’s audio-to-text solutions can make your workday less stressful. Some of the EMRs our production staff work with include:

athenahealth eClinicalWorks
Kareo ChartLogic
Practice Fusion AdvancedMD
Epic Modernizing Medicine

Rated The Best Infectious Disease Transcription Service

Your medical team benefits from fast and reliable client support when you work with Athreon’s infectious disease typing services. Growing numbers of infectious disease specialists report that Athreon is the best infectious disease dictation company they’ve used. Physicians and practice managers say that our technology, accuracy, speed, and savings have helped them see more patients and grow their practices by 20% or more.

Athreon’s infectious disease transcriptionists and scribes will help you accurately document any ailment, including:

Meningitis Infectious Diarrhea
Community-Acquired Pneumonia Headaches
High-Grade Fever Septicemia
Sexually Transmitted Diseases More

Outsourcing Infectious Disease Transcription Saves Money

Another driving reason behind outsourcing to an infectious disease scribing company is the savings it delivers through reduced employee pay, benefits, and leave costs. Outsourcing is far more cost-effective than creating charts internally with employees, especially if high turnover is a factor. And consider all the time you can save by eliminating the screening, hiring, monitoring, and coaching costs associated with internal employees. What’s more, when you dictate, because you can speak three times faster than you can write or type, you’ll be able to treat more patients and grow your practice by 20% or more.

Call Athreon for More About Our Infectious Disease Speech-to-Text Transcription Services

We’ve been helping infectious disease specialists improve their work/life balance and profitability for over 30 years. Our client roster will attest to our quality, service, security, and innovative AI technology. We invite you to contact us to unburden yourself from endless hours of EHR data entry. Our infectious disease transcriptionists and virtual assistants are here to help!