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As the adage goes, time is money. That’s why Athreon is committed to getting you what you need, when you need it; and oftentimes sooner!


Athreon offers clients several options to suit a variety of turnaround needs. We work closely with each client to develop customized turnaround schedules. Project turnaround time correlates with the length of the audio file, the subject matter, and the sound quality of the recording. Longer or shorter turnaround times are available based on the nature of the work and the client’s budget.

Standard Turnaround

For most Athreon clients, a 24-hour turnaround time is standard. Typically, work received weekdays before 5 PM is returned by 5 PM the next day, oftentimes sooner. Large-scale projects that are multiple hours long may not be eligible for 24-hour turnaround, but will be turned around as quickly as possible.

Custom Turnaround

We understand clients have varying needs when it comes to project turnaround. Some clients have tight deadlines and need jobs returned in as little as 2 hours. Other clients with limited budgets may opt for an extended turnaround time to help reduce costs. Regardless of your requirements, Athreon will work with you to develop a turnaround schedule that makes sense for your business. Let us know what you need and our team will aim to accommodate.

Stat/Rush Turnaround

Dictation needed on an urgent basis can be expedited. Typically, there is a surcharge for rush delivery of jobs that are returned to clients in 4 hours or less. Some restrictions apply. Contact Athreon for further details.


Turnaround Monitoring

Although Athreon closely monitors turnaround time, clients may also monitor job progress with our web-based monitoring tools. Each job is timestamped at several places throughout the workflow. This includes date and time of dictation, transcription and delivery.

Turnaround Reporting

Athreon can deliver turnaround summary reports directly to your e-mail inbox.  These reports detail the specific turnaround time for each individual job as well as the average turnaround time for specific work types. We make available a variety of analytical reports to help clients track turnaround progress.

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