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Audio-To-Text Transcription Solutions for More Than 40 Medical Specialties!

Since 1988, Athreon has provided medical professionals in inpatient and outpatient settings with highly-competent transcriptionists and medical scribes. We have healthcare documentation specialists available for more than 40 medical specialties for your EMR transcription, dictation, and speech recognition needs. Our production team, including speech recognition editors and quality assurance staff, works diligently to provide unsurpassed quality to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and clinics.

Whether you’re interested in our speech recognition, EMR transcription, medical transcription, or medical scribing services, all our solutions are specialty-focused. This means that our technology and human workforce intimately understand the nuances of your healthcare specialty. Our staff members are not generalists that process any type of documentation. They are trained healthcare documentation specialists focused on anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, disease processes, and treatment protocols specific to your domain.

Below are the medical specialties for which we’ve amassed clients during our decades of serving the medical community. We encourage you to contact us if you don’t see your specialty listed. Regardless of your area of focus, we will pair you with a transcriptionist, medical scribe, or audio-to-text transcription software that can help you complete your patient charts quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Athreon lets you focus on caring for your patients while we handle the typing.