Turnaround Time

We’re committed to delivering your documents to you on-time or sooner!

Turnaround Overview

We understand that our clients depend on the timely delivery of the transcripts we produce for them. Because clients use transcripts to treat patients, enforce the law, and further business objectives, not having access to reports on-time can spell dire consequences. So, we capture all transcription turnaround time requirements at the inception of a new project. And, as turnaround needs evolve, we can easily adapt.

Determining Turnaround Time

Turnaround times are entirely customizable based on client needs. We can accept media files 24/7/365 and deliver transcripts around the clock as well. Factors that impact turnaround time include:

Client Requirements

The client is in the driver’s seat with how quickly jobs get transcribed and returned. For instance, a police department or a hospital may need service seven days a week, while an academic institution may be fine with service during weekdays.

Media File Quality

The audio or video file quality impacts how well the spoken dialogue can be heard and transcribed. For clear recordings, we can often leverage speech recognition to generate a draft, and a human editor can then quickly verify its accuracy for fast delivery.

Media File Length

Recordings that are only a few minutes long, as is typical with medical transcription, can be processed quickly and returned to doctors within a matter of minutes or hours. Recordings that are multiple hours long will understandably take more time to process.


For clients processing hundreds of documents a day with rapid delivery requirements, we offer enterprise plans intended for larger businesses with high volumes of media files. For companies seeking to minimize costs, we provide extended turnaround time options as well.

Expedited Transcript Delivery

We can bump media files that require rush processing to the head of the production line for rapid delivery. We offer enterprise solutions for clients with high volumes of rush jobs, where turnaround delivery needs to be no more than 4 hours. However, for clients with only the occasional need for rush processing, we can accelerate deliveries on an as-needed basis too.

Web-Based Turnaround Monitoring

Athreon offers online workflow management portals where clients can securely monitor the media files they have uploaded for processing. Clients can track file progress through the production lifecycle up through document delivery. We timestamp jobs to make it easy to monitor document turnaround. Clients can also prioritize the most critical files within the workflow management portal.

Analytics and Transcript Turnaround Reporting

Our robust reporting module enables clients to generate scheduled and on-demand transcript turnaround reports. Clients can monitor turnaround times on a per-job basis or as a statistical summary. Our turnaround compliance monitoring makes it easy to track if any jobs have fallen outside the agreed-upon delivery window.