Enhance Your Cybersecurity with Athreon

Reduce Risk to 5% or Less

At Athreon, we understand that cybersecurity is paramount for businesses in today’s digital landscape. As cyber threats continue to evolve, safeguarding your organization against data breaches and cyberattacks is crucial to protect your reputation, livelihood, and sensitive business data. Our cybersecurity solutions empower businesses of all sizes in the B2B market to reduce their cyber risk to 5% or less, ensuring a secure and resilient digital environment. We invite you to explore this page to discover the array of cybersecurity solutions we offer.

Dark Web Scanning and Monitoring

Our comprehensive security risk assessments include Dark Web scans, which help identify any compromised credentials or sensitive data exposed on the Dark Web. By proactively monitoring and addressing potential threats on the Dark Web, we enhance your organization’s security posture and prevent cybercriminals from exploiting stolen data.

Phishing Simulations – AutoPhish

Phishing remains a significant threat to businesses, with human error accounting for over 92% of data breaches. Our AutoPhish email phishing simulator allows you to create realistic phishing campaigns to test your employees’ responses to potential phishing attempts. By identifying vulnerable areas, we provide relevant web-based cybersecurity training courses to educate and engage your staff effectively.

Predictive Analytics and Real-time Metrics

Our enterprise-grade management portal offers real-time employee risk metrics, helping you gauge your organization’s overall security health. With our next-generation analytics, you can make data-driven decisions to strengthen your security defenses from day one.

Employee Security Awareness Training

The cornerstone of our cybersecurity suite is our engaging and comprehensive employee security awareness training. We understand that cybersecurity training must be easily deployable and embraced by your workforce. Therefore, we use gamification to make learning fun, and our turnkey solutions provide all the necessary tools and support for a successful deployment.

Security Policy Development

Having robust security policies in place is critical for establishing a secure working environment. Our cybersecurity experts can assist your organization in developing and implementing effective security policies aligned with regulatory compliance to protect your intellectual property and sensitive data.

Security Risk Assessments

Our cybersecurity service includes thorough security risk assessments that identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system. By proactively addressing these areas, we can help you minimize risk and prevent cyber threats from exploiting any loopholes.

Defend Your Data With Athreon’s Cybersecurity Solutions

Athreon’s approach stands out as we blend the latest AI technology with human expertise to deliver comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions. Our team of educators, software developers, and legal minds ensures that our services are up-to-date, relevant, and meet the unique needs of various industries.

By understanding the significance of continuing cybersecurity education, we provide ongoing employee cybersecurity awareness training, keeping your staff informed about cybercriminals’ latest threats and evolving tactics.

Take the first step in safeguarding your business from cyber threats by choosing Athreon’s Cybersecurity Solutions. Improve your security posture, reduce risk, and protect your organization’s reputation. Contact us to learn more and get started on your journey to a secure digital future.