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Virtual Medical Scribes – Transform Your EHR Experience With AxiScribe

Embrace Efficiency: Let Our Virtual Scribes Transcribe for You

AxiScribe Overview

Have you wondered, How does a scribe help a physician? Maybe you’ve found yourself asking, What does a scribe do? You’ve come to the right place to get these questions answered because Athreon is a leader among medical scribe companies. AxiScribe can help you improve your bottom line, achieve unparalleled efficiencies in your business, and promote patient satisfaction and physician wellbeing.

Testimonials From Our Clients

“AxiScribe lets me spend more time with my patients and helps improve my interaction with them.”

— Mary B., Nurse
Howell, NJ

“I can’t remember the last time I left work on time or felt so unhurried at the clinic. Thank you Athreon!”

— Dr. J., Family Medicine
Long Island, NY

“AxiScribe enables our physicians to treat as many patients as they used to see. before we launched Epic.”

— Jodi, Practice Admin
Cambridge, NE

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35 Years of Healthcare Experience

Compatible With Any EHR

No Long-Term Contract Required

HIPAA Compliant Scribing

Connect Better With Your Patients

AxiScribe, Athreon’s medical scribe service, enables physicians to focus on their patients instead of the EHR. We help doctors, PAs, MAs, and nurses minimize their time in the EHR, so they can spend more time engaging with their patients. With our medical scribe service, caregivers can once again make eye contact with and keep their focus on patients.

Stop Taking EHR Work Home

If charting is controlling you, you need AxiScribe. With our virtual scribe service, you can cut the tether to your electronic medical record. Because Athreon’s virtual scribes populate the EHR on your behalf, you no longer need to limit patient visits to allow time for EHR data entry. What’s more, you’ll be able to leave the office on-time without having to take charting work home.

Care for More Patients Without Extending Your Workday

When physicians have the option to minimize dictation and lessen all the pointing and clicking in the EHR, this frees them up to do what they do best – care for their patients. Just think of what you could do with the time AxiScribe can help you recapture. On average, providers regain 2 hours per day, 10 hours per week, with an AxiScribe virtual scribe.

Improve Work-Life Balance

Capture More Charting Detail

Achieve Same-Day Chart Closure

AxiScribe Reduces Clinical Documentation Costs

Spending hours documenting in the EHR shouldn’t be part of any provider’s daily routine. Why? Because doctors are among the highest compensated staff members. Having physicians devote endless hours to data entry is a misuse of company funds. A scribe can populate the EHR at a far lower cost, which means providers can see more patients.

Make Your EHR Work for You!

How many times have you switched EHRs hoping that the next one would work better for your practice? Switching costs for EHRs are high. Not only is it time-consuming to retrain clinical staff and migrate data, but it distracts from patient care. Rather than hoping the next EHR will be better, AxiScribe can bolster your current EHR investment and alleviate the data-entry burden.

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AxiScribe Helps Combat Physician Burnout and Turnover

Each AxiScribe virtual scribe navigates EHR screens, dropdown menus, and templates so healthcare providers don’t have to anymore. With less time pointing-and-clicking in the EHR, providers leave work on time, the charting work stays in the office, and clinical staff return to work the next day refreshed and excited to practice medicine.

How It Works – Our Virtual Scribe Options

AxiScribe Live Scribing

Athreon’s live scribing option offers a real-time solution to clinical documentation, enabling seamless integration into healthcare workflows. Athreon’s skilled virtual scribes connect with clinicians during patient encounters via a HIPAA-compliant web meeting platform. This setup allows scribes to listen in and document the encounter. The scribes efficiently navigate the EHR system, entering relevant clinical data and orders directly into the system. This process ensures that records are up-to-date by the time the patient visit ends and allows physicians to interact with the scribe, guiding them to focus on specific details or clarifications. Live scribing is like having a virtual assistant present during consultations, significantly reducing administrative burdens and allowing clinicians to focus entirely on patient care.

AxiScribe Offline Scribing

Athreon’s offline scribing option offers a flexible alternative for healthcare providers who prefer not to have real-time interaction with a scribe during patient visits. In this mode, clinicians record patient encounters using Athreon’s mobile app. These audio recordings automatically go to a virtual scribe, who listens to the encounters and accurately transcribes the necessary details into the EHR. The scribes extract and input all relevant data, ensuring comprehensive and accurate documentation. This method allows documentation to be completed without requiring live interaction, allowing physicians to focus solely on their patients during consultations. Charts are ready for review and completion by the next business day, ensuring timely updates to patient records and maintaining efficiency in the documentation process.

Customized to How You Work

Providers communicate with their medical scribe synchronously or asynchronously. The medical scribe will act on the directions captured from the doctor in real-time or via an audio recording. Think of your medical scribe as your human virtual assistant. Your remote medical scribe follows facility and provider preferences to ensure consistent charting and support quality measures. Providers have the option of dictating information they want to be captured word-for-word by the virtual scribe. Likewise, practitioners can emphasize if they wish to disregard something for charting purposes.

The Best Virtual Medical Scribes

Every Athreon virtual medical scribe has a vast understanding of healthcare documentation requirements. They have extensive training in medical terminology, medical abbreviations, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, HIPAA, clinical documentation standards, disease processes, billing and coding, and EHR navigation. We offer virtual scribes for all medical specialties. Many of our medical scribes have medical transcription training, making them particularly adept at charting on behalf of physicians, PAs, and nurses. Additionally, each virtual medical scribe must pass a stringent background check and pre-hire testing.

Rapid Service Implementation

Minimal Clinician Training

Increased Provider Productivity

Address Physician Burnout

Clinician and Scribe Matchmaking

Providers are assigned designated primary and backup virtual scribes with domain knowledge in the doctor’s specialty. This approach ensures consistent staffing and shortens the learning curve between the provider and the scribe. Likewise, the assigned remote medical scribes learn the provider’s charting preferences and documentation style. Following the initial learning curve during onboarding, day-to-day charting in the EHR tends to flow seamlessly. Providers who need to make a change request can submit it to their scribe or via Athreon’s support channels.

Medical Scribe Quality Control with AxiScribe

We take quality seriously. Our proprietary solution leverages a quality checkpoint whereby a third set of eyes between the medical scribe and provider further ensure accuracy. Your virtual scribe will capture all pertinent details they hear from the patient visit and anything supplemental the provider dictates.

Virtual Scribe Services That Cater to You!

Athreon’s virtual scribe onboarding process focuses on getting doctors what they want when they want it. We conduct an initial analysis of the goals the provider wants to achieve by using a medical scribe. Once the needs assessment is complete, we capture specifics for how the provider is currently documenting in the EHR. We then communicate charting preferences to the primary and backup remote scribes assigned to the practitioner.

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Patient & Clinician Satisfaction

Healthcare centers that use medical scribe companies tend to report higher physician and patient satisfaction. This is because providers spend significantly less time in the EHR when a medical scribe documents on their behalf. From the provider’s perspective, doctors are thrilled to have fewer administrative tasks. And most importantly, physicians can return to what they care about most, which is treating patients. Likewise, patients feel like they are their doctor’s priority again because the practitioner makes eye contact and focuses on them during the encounter.

HIPAA & Cybersecurity With AxiScribe

Every Athreon virtual scribe is HIPAA trained, and they must pass a background check. Regular HIPAA and cybersecurity training is required. All our technology and systems are HIPAA compliant, and we sign BAA agreements with our healthcare clients.

AxiScribe – The Benefits

When medical facilities are contemplating using an on-site medical scribe or a virtual scribe, there are several items to consider. Both scenarios have their advantages and limitations. Review the table below to help make an informed decision about your medical scribe options.

Virtual Scribe
Medical Scribe
Reduce provider time in the EHR
Reduce/eliminate time spent dictating
Advertise scribe service to attract new healthcare talent
Improve provider morale
Reduce provider burnout and turnover
Reduce patient wait times
Shorten provider workdays
Absence of on-site medical scribe eases patient privacy concerns
Exam room crowding is not an issue due to the medical scribe
Turnover doesn’t impact the physician’s workflow
Doctor alleviated from retraining new medical scribes
Sick/vacation leave doesn’t interrupt scribing
Accessible from provider’s workplace and elsewhere
Tardiness issues with scribe don’t impact doctor
Scheduling conflicts do not leave doctor without a medical scribe
Available in remote areas
Less-costly than on-site medical scribe N/A

AxiScribe FAQs

AxiScribe is a virtual medical scribing service. With AxiScribe, medical centers can ease EHR charting burdens on clinicians with a highly-trained offsite medical scribe (sometimes called a physician scribe or remote scribe). Your scribe can accompany you in real-time during your patient encounters and listen to your conversations while they simultaneously enter relevant clinical details into your EHR. Or, you can record your patient visits with Athreon’s mobile app and send them to your scribe for offline processing with direct note placement in your EHR.

Whether you use a synchronous scribe, also known as a live scribe, or an asynchronous scribe, also known as an offline scribe, you achieve the same objective. Pertinent clinical data from your patient visits gets entered into your EHR, freeing you from time-consuming administrative work. It’s simply a matter of preference whether you use a live or offline scribe.

Athreon’s scribes connect with their assigned clinicians via HIPAA-compliant web meeting software. Video is not required but is optional.

The benefits of synchronous scribing include real-time communication between the doctor and scribe. Clinicians can prompt their scribes to query historical information, create orders, generate referrals, and more. Think of your synchronous scribe as your real-time virtual assistant.

For clinicians who don’t require real-time interaction with their virtual scribe, recording patient encounters for offline processing can be ideal. Providers still benefit from minimizing their EHR screen time, but they do not have a scribe shadowing them throughout their workday.

  • Live Scribing: For live scribes, in most cases, records are available for review in the EHR within moments of the patient visit ending.
  • Offline Scribing: For offline scribes, charts are ready for review often the same day, but no later than they next business morning. To shorten chart closure time, clinicians must timely upload their mobile app recordings.

Whether clients opt for Athreon’s live or offline scribing solution, our web meeting software and mobile apps are both HIPAA compliant. Likewise, scribes use their own logins to access EHR systems to comply with HIPAA regulations. In some instances, providers may wish to refrain from granting scribes access to their EHR, and we can accommodate this workflow. If clients prefer to access scribed visits from Athreon’s web portal and manually copy/paste the records into their EHR, that is a viable option.

Any physician, PA, or nurse who can provide our scribes live or recorded access to their patient encounters can benefit from Athreon’s medical scribing services. There are no restrictions on medical specialties.

Yes. AxiScribe offers bilingual medical scribes that speak English and Spanish. Bilingual scribes are available asynchronously.

Yes. At the direction of the clinician, scribes can support order entry and applying billing codes. It’s important to note that scribes cannot make independent determinations for which codes or billing levels to use.

AxiScribe dramatically reduces clinician time spent in the EHR. Physicians can focus on patient engagement, which improves patient care, satisfaction, and retention. Likewise, providers can leave work without taking work home to complete after hours. AxiScribe helps restore the work-life balance that is sorely missing in healthcare.

Athreon’s scribes have participated in formalized medical scribe training and demonstrate proficiency in anatomy and physiology, medications, disease processes, medical procedures, billing, clinical documentation best practices, HIPAA regulations, EHR systems, cybersecurity, and more. Many have backgrounds in nursing, medical assisting, or medical transcription. They are highly adaptable and aim to improve clinicians’ lives wherever possible.

To use AxiScribe, clinicians need internet access and a way to record or stream conversations with their patients to their medical scribe. Athreon provides free mobile apps for iOS and Android mobile devices that are HIPAA compliant. Additionally, EHR access for scribes is required in most instances.

AxiScribe is a highly customizable virtual scribing solution. Scribes are assigned to their providers and work exclusively for them. Think of your medical scribe as your virtual assistant.

AxiScribe is billed hourly and starts at $15.00 per hour. Scribes clock into time-tracking software, and itemized work hours are available to clients.

Athreon can provide medical scribes to your practice typically within 2+ weeks. As most scribes in the job market are seeking full-time work, clients requesting a full-time scribe have a shorter wait.

Athreon provides a dedicated implementation team and support desk to assist clients with our medical scribing service. Support hours are weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern. After-hours emergency support for technical issues is available if needed.