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Virtual Scribes

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

– William Osler


Athreon’s virtual medical scribe service enables physicians to keep their focus on their patients instead of their EHR. We help doctors, physician assistants, and nurses minimize their time in the EHR by assuming most of their EHR data-entry tasks. With our virtual medical scribe service, providers can once again make eye contact with and keep their focus on their patients. What’s more, clinicians can leave the office on-time without having to take charting work home.

Athreon’s scribe service handles point-and-click in the EHR on the provider’s behalf. Our scribes navigate EHR screens, dropdown menus, and templates, so healthcare providers don’t have to anymore! By design, our medical scribe service helps clinicians and healthcare businesses to increase revenue, eliminate practitioner burnout, and increase morale for both clinicians and their patients.

If you’re ready to untether yourself from your EHR, contact us!

Service Highlights

Athreon’s virtual medical scribing service is focused on getting doctors what they want when they want it.

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When medical facilities are contemplating using an on-site or virtual scribe, there are several items to consider.

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Because virtual medical scribing is a relatively new concept for many medical facilities, we know you have questions.

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