Predictive Analytics for Cybersecurity

Athreon’s predictive analytics tool, EVA, can help reduce your susceptibility rate to 5% or less.

What Are Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics leverage data to create models that help organizations anticipate future events and behaviors. By processing large amounts of historical data, analysts can uncover patterns and insights that they can use to make accurate predictions about what might happen in the future. It also helps businesses create better risk management strategies, optimize resources, increase sales, and reduce costs. Predictive analytics is becoming increasingly popular as companies strive to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing markets. With its ability to provide actionable foresight into potential outcomes and processes, predictive analytics gives organizations a powerful tool for staying ahead of the competition and safe in the process.

Predictive Analytics and Cybersecurity

Predictive analytics offers an innovative solution to the problem of human error in cybersecurity breaches. This type of artificial intelligence examines data from previous cybersecurity incidents and looks for patterns to form mathematical models of behavior. Recognizing patterns in past events makes it possible to predict risk factors for future breaches, allowing companies to anticipate areas of vulnerability where human error may occur. Predictive analytics also provides a way for organizations to quickly apply security updates across their entire infrastructure when issues arise or to emphasize the need for security awareness training among staff members. This reduces the potential damage of any breaches that do occur and helps prevent costly downtime and unauthorized access. In short, predictive analytics is a proven and powerful tool in the fight against cyber threats attributable to human error.

EVA – Employee Vulnerability Assessment

Athreon’s Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) is a predictive analytics tool that provides insight into an organization’s level of risk at the individual employee and organizational levels. Employees earn Employee Secure Scores (ESSs) based on their participation in cybersecurity awareness training, adherence to corporate-defined security policies, susceptibility to simulated phishing campaigns, and more. The ESS is like a credit score, and our AI determines it for the organization based on the performance of each employee enrolled in Athreon’s EVA solution.

The Value of Athreon’s Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics tools like Athreon’s EVA solution allow companies to detect patterns and trends in online behaviors that may indicate potential problems, enabling them to take fast, informed action before a problem arises. By leveraging data gathered from employee behavior, Athreon’s predictive analytics can discover anomalies that may signal your organization’s vulnerability to a malicious attack. Moreover, our predictive analytics tool becomes especially powerful when combined with other security tools like firewalls, anti-malware apps, and overall solid IT policies. All these elements, combined with ongoing security awareness training, can help reduce your organization’s susceptibility rate to 5% or less. Since the average price tag for a data breach exceeded $9 million for US businesses in 2022, the ROI for harnessing the EVA predictive analytics tool is indisputable. Contact us for a free consultation at 800.935.0973.