Orthopedics is a highly-specialized branch of medicine pertaining to the treatment of conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Consequently, orthopedic surgeons and other practitioners require an orthopedic transcription company capable of understanding the specific language and terminology common to this healthcare specialty. Athreon is a uniquely-qualified orthopedic transcription company offering top-quality service that is fast and dependable.







We Hire the Most Qualified Transcriptionists

All our orthopedic transcriptionists are native English speakers. Unlike some other orthopedic transcription companies that use less-qualified staff, Athreon doesn’t take shortcuts with its production team. We recruit our transcriptionists from some of the top medical transcription schools in North America and screen them carefully to ensure they meet our stringent hiring standards. Athreon’s transcriptionists possess an average of 15 years’ relevant industry experience.

Quality Is the Hallmark of Our Orthopaedic Transcription Services

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the transcriptionists we hire. It also extends to the levels of service we provide. We use a multi-tier quality assurance process prior to transcript delivery. This greatly reduces the chances of finding an error in our transcripts. However, in the unlikely event you find a typo, we will correct it at no additional charge.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Orthopaedic Dictation Services

Our secure systems, featuring advanced encryption protocols, are HIPAA and HITECH compliant to protect the privacy of your patients. Likewise, orthopedists can choose from an assortment of dictation options including telephone, smartphone (iPhone/Android) or digital recorder. All dictation devices are fully-integrated with our document management system, which is designed to make the entire speech to text process simple from start to finish.

We’re Known for Speed and Ease of Use

We offer next-day turnaround, so you won’t have to wait long for your critical documents. Additionally, our orthopedic transcription service includes transparent billing, multiple report delivery options and a variety of online account management features. And when you need help, our orthopedic transcription clients benefit from our friendly and knowledgeable support staff located in Chicago and Indianapolis. What’s more, we don’t impose long-term contracts on our clients. We want you to use Athreon because you love the service!

Put 25 Years of Transcription Experience to Work for You

Athreon has been providing reliable orthopedic transcription services to healthcare professionals for decades, and we’re eager to add your practice to our long list of satisfied clients. Discover how Athreon’s orthopedic transcription service can benefit your practice. We invite you to contact us today for a no-obligation demo.