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AxiScribe Service Highlights

How our medical scribe service stands apart.

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How AxiScribe Works

Providers record their patient encounters with our mobile app or other recording options. The audio files are then securely submitted to Athreon for scribing. Audio files are listened to by a designated virtual scribe. The medical scribe extracts the required data elements from the audio file for direct input into the EHR. We populate both discrete and non-discrete data elements in the EMR. Providers subsequently log in to their electronic health record to review and sign the completed charts.

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Customized Virtual Scribe Approach

Providers asynchronously communicate with their medical scribe. The medical scribe will act on the directions captured from the doctor in the recording. Think of your medical scribe as your virtual assistant. Your remote medical scribe captures facility and provider preferences to ensure consistent charting and support quality measures. Providers have the option of dictating information they want to be captured word-for-word by the virtual scribe as well. Likewise, practitioners can emphasize if they want something disregarded in the recording for charting purposes.

Virtual Medical Scribe Qualifications

Every Athreon virtual medical scribe has a vast understanding of healthcare documentation requirements. They have extensive training in medical terminology, medical abbreviations, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, HIPAA, clinical documentation standards, disease processes, billing and coding, and EHR navigation. We offer virtual scribes for all medical specialties. Many of our medical scribes have medical transcription training, which makes them particularly adept at charting on behalf of physicians, PAs, and nurses. Additionally, each virtual medical scribe must pass a stringent background check and pre-hire testing.

Medical Scribe Allocation With AxiScribe

Providers are assigned a designated primary virtual scribe with domain knowledge in the doctor’s specialty. This approach shortens the learning curve between the provider and the scribe. Likewise, the assigned remote medical scribe learns the provider’s charting preferences and documentation style. Following the initial learning-curve during onboarding, day-to-day charting in the EHR tends to flow seamlessly. Providers who need to make a change request can submit it via audio file upload or by email.

Medical Scribe Quality Control with AxiScribe

Because our medical scribe service is asynchronous, your virtual medical scribe can document while capturing a significant level of detail. Unlike a medical scribe working in real-time, a remote medical scribe can rewind the recorded audio file to capture all relevant data accurately. Likewise, our proprietary solution leverages a quality checkpoint whereby a second set of eyes between the medical scribe and provider can ensure accuracy. Your virtual scribe will capture all pertinent details they hear from the patient visit and anything supplemental the provider dictates.

Virtual Scribe Service Implementation

Athreon’s virtual scribe onboarding process focuses on getting doctors what they want when they want it. We conduct an initial analysis of the goals the provider wants to achieve by using a medical scribe. Once the needs assessment is complete, we capture specifics for how the provider is currently documenting in the EHR. We then communicate charting preferences to the primary and backup remote scribes assigned to the practitioner.

Patient & Provider Satisfaction

Healthcare centers that use medical scribe companies tend to report higher physician and patient satisfaction. This is because providers spend significantly less time in the EHR when a medical scribe documents on their behalf. From the provider’s perspective, doctors are thrilled to have fewer administrative tasks. And most importantly, physicians can return to what they care about most, which is treating patients. Likewise, patients feel like they are their doctor’s priority again because the practitioner makes eye contact and focuses their undivided attention on them during the encounter.

HIPPA & Cybersecurity With AxiScribe

Every Athreon virtual scribe is HIPAA trained, and they must pass a background check. Annual HIPAA and cybersecurity training are required. All our technology and systems are HIPAA compliant, and we sign BAA agreements with our healthcare clients.