Athreon’s system interfaces are designed to lessen administrative burdens. Our technology securely connects to yours and helps eliminate the tedious manual processes that hinder employee productivity.


One way Athreon differentiates itself is by helping customers achieve efficiencies all the way from dictation capture to transcript delivery and beyond. Even post document delivery, we can introduce automation that not only improves operational efficiency, but lessens the margin of human error associated with manual processes.

Our team of interface specialists can work directly with your internal IT support and your third-party technology vendors. Regardless of the industry you work in, several interfacing options are available. What’s more, our system interfaces are vendor neutral, which means we can work with nearly any system you may have installed.

Dictation Interfaces

We understand some clients prefer to host an on-premise dictation system. Athreon can securely interface with these systems. Our interfacing technology enables authors to capture dictation just as they always have, and those files can subsequently be exported to Athreon’s servers for transcription. Regardless if you work in healthcare, law enforcement or insurance, our technology interfaces with most major dictation systems.

Data and Demographics Interfaces

If names, identification numbers, dates, addresses or other identifying data are a critical component to your documents, you know that dictating this information can be time consuming and tedious. What’s more, double-checking the accuracy of this data is also cumbersome. Fortunately, for clients who have their demographic information stored in a database, Athreon has a solution. We can interface with your third-party system to create an interface that captures all pertinent identifying data. This alleviates the need for authors to speak demographic details at the point of dictation capture, and this greatly reduces the time it takes an author to dictate.

Healthcare Interfaces

Interfaces with EHR systems are among the most common we encounter. Our powerful HL7 interface engine is capable of processing more than 10 messages in a single second, or more than 36,000 messages per hour, providing a lightning-fast transcription interface that can meet the demand of high-volume healthcare facilities. System changes can be completed in hours instead of several days or weeks, which allows you to maximize the efficiency of your EHR system. In addition to being powerful, the engine is fully configurable, which provides a highly-flexible HL7 transcription interface to accommodate your requirements.