How Our Speech to Text
Transcription Service Works

We make the Speech to Text Transcription Process Easy

We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve made our speech-to-text transcription process as simple as 1, 2, 3! What’s more, our transcription service and software deliver a complete workflow management solution. Athreon supports you at every step as we transcribe audio to text. From dictation capture to workflow routing, to electronic signature and distribution, and even document storage in the cloud, we’ve got you covered. Our AI transcription service is structured to eliminate inefficiencies that create workflow delays, increase costs, heighten the likelihood of human error, and risk cyber security breaches.

Step 1: Record Your Speech to Text Audio Files

Dictate or record your audio any way you like. Use our mobile apps, a telephone, your computer’s microphone, a digital recorder, or even send us audio that you’ve pre-recorded in your dictation or PBX system. You can choose multiple recording methods based on your preference. Our flexibility in adapting to your preferences is a leading reason why Athreon is one of the best transcription services you can hire.

Step 2: Submit Your Audio Files for Secure AI Transcription

Cyber security is a top priority at Athreon. All our audio file upload methods are secure. Our dictation and transcription software employ SSL encryption and comply with HIPAA and CJIS cyber security protocols to protect your data. All transactions between your facility and our data center are secure. We encrypt data at rest and in motion, and we accept all major audio file formats, including:




When we receive your recordings, our artificial intelligence transcription workflow algorithm delivers your jobs to the most qualified speech-to-text transcriptionist currently available to process them. We stringently vet all transcriptionists before hire. Athreon’s typists care, and they carefully handle each audio recording to ensure maximum speech-to-text accuracy. What’s more, our typists will follow your preferences alongside Athreon’s strict quality standards for the best audio-to-text accuracy.

Step 3: Access and Manage Your Completed Transcripts

Before you know it, your reports are done and ready for you! But our service doesn’t end there. We provide a feature-rich and easy-to-use web portal to help keep you organized. Our web portal, which is available on desktop and via mobile apps, helps you efficiently manage every document we produce for you. Inside your portal, you’ll find a dashboard that displays a complete overview of the status of every file you upload to us. With your web portal, you can:


Check Job Statuses in Real-Time Make a Job a Priority/Stat
Organize Work into Folders View Transcript Audit Trails
Download Transcripts Playback Audio Recordings
Send Feedback to your Typist Run Analytics
Edit Transcripts Store Transcripts
Fax Transcripts Electronically Sign Transcripts
Print Transcripts Share Transcripts with a Workgroup


Don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to try our service for yourself. Contact us so you can see firsthand how fast, accurate, and easy it is to work with Athreon’s transcription service!