Data Breaches

“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.”

Stephane Nappo

Don’t Be One of the 1 in 3 Businesses to Experience a Data Breach

Cybercriminals are on the search for vulnerabilities in businesses to infiltrate their systems and steal their data. That means companies with limited time and resources to put towards cybersecurity can become a prime target. What are you doing to stay safe? Could your business be in the sights of cybercriminals?

Customer Data
Customer Data

Don't be fooled. All data is attractive to hackers. Limited budgets for managing, securing, and storing client data can mean your organization could be at increased risk for a cyberattack.

Human Error
Human Error

Many employees just don't know the risks, which is why 66% of cyber criminals prefer email phishing attacks. Too many employees fall for them. Well-meaning but uninformed employees could be a tremendous liability for your company.

Dark Web
Dark Web

Employee information, like usernames and passwords, is often available to cyber criminals on the Dark Web. Even if your business has never had a data breach, if your employees recycle passwords, they could pose a threat to your network.

Password Reuse
Password Reuse

The LastPass Psychology of Passwords Report tells us that 59% of respondents admitted to often recycling passwords, even though 91% acknowledged the security risk. When employees recycle a breached password, accounts sharing that same password share a hacking risk.

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The Human Component to Cybersecurity

Did you know that 48% of cybercriminals spend upwards of 5 hours a week keeping up with security news, trends, and technologies? They do this for nefarious reasons. Technology can do a lot, but it can’t do everything to keep business assets safe. Instead, businesses must take a proactive approach to their cyber health to prevent cybercriminals from stealing their data. Don’t overlook your human line of defense.

How Athreon Helps Protect Your Company

Dark Web Domain Scan

Because password reuse and social engineering attacks are rampant, having credentials associated with your organization on the Dark Web puts your business at a higher risk of being targeted. Athreon can perform an initial scan of your domain on the Dark Web to evaluate vulnerabilities facing your organization.

Baseline Phishing Assessment

Phishing is now the number one attack method of choice for hackers because of its high success rate. According to the Ponemon Institute, companies see a 64% improvement in lowering phishing click rates after implementing a security training program. Athreon can establish a staged phishing campaign, sent directly to your employees, to evaluate their response.

Annual Security Training

Cisco says, “Companies shouldn’t just throw technology at the problem. Up-skilling users and making them more cyber-aware is vital.” Especially since human error accounts for 92% of data breaches, Athreon’s 45-minute annual Security Awareness Training course delivers tremendous value. You can reduce employee-induced errors with our self-paced cybersecurity training.

Ongoing Education

While annual security training is a great way to cover cybersecurity basics, repetition fosters retention. So, ongoing education helps promote robust cybersecurity awareness. Athreon offers a weekly education solution with micro-security training videos and a monthly security newsletter.

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