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AxiScribe FAQs

You have medical scribe questions, and we have the answers!

A scribe (sometimes called a medical scribe, physician scribe, remote scribe, or virtual scribe) creates records.

A medical scribe assumes the majority of data-entry work associated with creating medical records in EHR systems. A medical scribe helps a physician to keep their focus on patient care versus administrative work.

Physicians, PAs, nurses, and technicians can all benefit from having a medical scribe assist them.

A synchronous scribe (also called a live scribe) listens to patient encounters as they happen and documents in the EHR in real-time. An asynchronous scribe listens to recorded patient visits and documents in the EHR following the patient’s visit.

The medical scribe can enter billing codes at the provider’s direction, but your virtual scribe cannot make independent determinations for which codes or billing levels to use.

You can record a message for your remote scribe or send an email.

Call or email us to have the medical scribe disregard the audio file?

Your medical scribe will complete charts in no more than 24-48 hours typically, but charts are often available for physician review and signature the same or next business day.

Because of the asynchronous service model, your medical scribe typically won’t handle orders.

No. We offer our virtual medical scribe service in English only.

We can typically provide you a medical scribe anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on your volume and workflow requirements.

Security, quality, cost, experience, and technology are all essential considerations. Contact us for a free consultation and a free trial to help you make a qualified decision.