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AxiScribe Benefits

Virtual Medical Scribe Advantages With AxiScribe

When medical facilities are contemplating using an on-site medical scribe or a virtual scribe (sometimes called a physician scribe or remote scribe), there are several items to consider. Both scenarios have their advantages and limitations. We invite you to review the table below to help you make an informed decision about your medical scribe options.

Virtual Scribe
Medical Scribe
Reduce provider time in the EHR
Reduce/eliminate time spent dictating
Advertise scribe service to attract new healthcare talent
Improve provider morale
Reduce provider burnout and turnover
Reduce patient wait times
Shorten provider workdays
Absence of on-site medical scribe eases patient privacy concerns
Exam room crowding is not an issue due to the medical scribe
Turnover doesn’t impact the physician’s workflow
Doctor alleviated from retraining new medical scribes
Sick/vacation leave doesn’t interrupt scribing
Accessible from provider’s workplace and elsewhere
Tardiness issues with scribe don’t impact doctor
Scheduling conflicts do not leave doctor without a medical scribe
Available in remote areas
Less-costly than on-site medical scribe N/A