Telework Opportunities

Learn why so many transcriptionists and virtual scribes prefer Athreon…


With Athreon, you’ll have access to a consistent workflow that is both challenging and rewarding, all from the convenience of your home office. Our transcriptionists and medical scribes type for a wide variety of organizations; including medical practices, hospitals, law firms, police departments, universities, media outlets, and insurance companies. Our transcriptionists and virtual scribes all share a love of language, a passion for excellence, and a commitment to learning, quality, and security. If you have the qualifications and passion required for our transcription or scribe jobs, we encourage you to apply today!


We’re here to help when you need it. Our transcriptionists and virtual scribes benefit from a dedicated Help Desk that can be reached during business hours by phone and e-mail. Our friendly support team assists with all typical remote work issues, including technical support. After-hours support is available for emergencies.


We know you need feedback to learn and get better at what you do. For this reason, we stay in regular contact with our transcriptionists and medical scribes and provide constructive performance-related feedback. We also give you tips and tricks to help you increase your productivity. Working remotely can sometimes feel isolating, so we’re here when you need us.


Athreon transcriptionists and scribes set their own schedule. If you enjoy working independently, we may be the perfect company for you. Our work environment is deadline-driven. As a work at home transcriptionist or medical scribe for Athreon, you are free to work whenever it’s convenient for you provided you complete projects by the deadline. Athreon provides the ideal work scenario for self-starters who can manage time effectively and deliver quality work without close supervision.


Our transcriptionists and virtual scribes enjoy a steady workflow. This is largely a result of our dedicated sales and marketing teams. New opportunities regularly come available. This means consistent earnings for our work at home scribes and transcriptionists. Plus, as an added precaution, our typists are assigned primary and secondary accounts to help offset the ebbs and flows that are common in the transcription industry.


Scribes and transcriptionists love our software. It’s feature-rich and intuitive. Our platform helps scribes and transcriptionists produce a high volume of work in less time – all while minimizing unproductive administrative tasks. For instance, our integrated word expander and ASR technology help improve both productivity and earnings. What’s more, you won’t waste valuable time saving documents, naming reports, or manually uploading or downloading files. Many administrative tasks are automated with Athreon’s technology.

Work Types

Multiple assignments in a variety of industries and medical specialties keep Athreon scribes and transcriptionists excited to work each day. We have jobs available in many disciplines. You’ll be assigned to projects and accounts based on your expertise and experience. This increases your productivity and improves the work quality output to clients.


If you’re a superstar transcriptionist or medical scribe, you could find yourself with the option to do QA for Athreon. Transcriptionists and virtual scribes that are obsessive about details, can understand a variety of accents, and are adept at research and feedback are often great for our QA vacancies. Proofreading and editing assignments are made available to our most skilled work at home scribes and transcriptionists.


We pay on-time and competitively. Payment is weekly via PayPal. Athreon’s compensation system is designed to offer transcriptionists and medical scribes greater earnings potential. Our incentive-based structure is predicated on the number of lines or jobs you type. You’ll have access to production reports, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.