Telework FAQs

Let’s clear up some of your most common questions…

A transcriptionist (sometimes called a typist or editor or healthcare documentation specialist (HDS)) listens to recorded audio files and transcribes the recorded audio into text. Athreon transcriptionists, depending on their qualifications, transcribe medical or non-medical transcription jobs.

A virtual scribe (sometimes called a medical scribe, remote scribe or telescribe), listens to recorded conversations between a doctor and a patient. The scribe listens for pertinent medical details in the conversation and enters them in the patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Athreon’s transcriptionists must be high school graduates or GED recipients who have also completed a transcription training program. We will also consider professional on-the-job transcription training as a substitute for formalized training, provided you can substantiate a minimum of 2 years’ relevant transcription work experience. If you’re currently enrolled in a transcription training program, please wait until you graduate before applying.

Athreon’s medical scribes must be high school graduates or GED recipients who have also completed a medical scribe training program. Applicants without formalized training who have 6 months’ prior experience working as a medical scribe may be considered. If you’re currently enrolled in a medical scribe training program, please wait until you complete it before applying.

No. Athreon does not offer formalized transcription or scribe training.

If you are interested in working as a medical transcriptionist, we encourage you to attend a school that is endorsed by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). If you are interested in non-medical transcription, we encourage you to seek training from an educational program endorsed by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT).

Some reputable providers of online, self-paced medical scribe training include:

No. While certification is beneficial, it is not required to transcribe for Athreon. We are more concerned that you have the necessary educational background and experience to produce highly-accurate transcripts.

No. Training and certification for medical scribes should not be confused. Training is required so a scribe can capture data for the medical record timely, accurately, and efficiently. No officially sanctioned body certifies medical scribes.

All Athreon at home transcriptionist and virtual medical scribe positions are independent contractor status.

Yes, due to the sensitive nature of the work, all scribes and transcriptionists must undergo a background check.

To be an Athreon transcriptionist or medical scribe, you must have the following:

    • High-speed Internet connection
    • Microsoft Windows 10 or newer (our system is incompatible with Mac computers)
    • USB foot pedal is optional but encouraged

You will have secure access to Athreon’s workflow platform to listen to audio files, and you may also simultaneously have access to the client’s EHR to input patient data. You will work from your home office.

Athreon’s clients use a variety of EHR systems. Some Athreon virtual scribes who scribe for a single provider use one EHR. Others who scribe for multiple providers may use two or more EHR systems.

Medical transcriptionists need access to the AHDI Book of Style. Non-medical transcriptionists may be required to use other reference materials depending on the nature of the work.

Although turnaround times may vary by account, 12-24 hours is the customary completion time for most assignments. In some cases, as with stats, completing a dictation within 1-2 hours may be necessary.

There are no set hours, only deadlines. For the volume of work you agree to do, we only require that you meet the deadline. Deadlines range from 4 to 48 hours.

Possibly. Some clients do not speak English as their native language, which can make the speech to text process a challenge at times. Fortunately, all our work at home medical transcription and virtual scribe jobs are backed with Help Desk and QA support to help you with clients who speak English as a second language (ESL). Our QA team also provides valuable feedback that helps with ESL assignments.

This depends on the transcriptionist’s or scribe’s availability and the volume of work the assigned client sends to Athreon. Athreon’s transcriptionists and virtual scribes often convert speech to text for a primary account and a secondary account. This approach delivers steady workflow and is useful for backup purposes.

Yes. Athreon provides scribes and transcriptionists with feedback; both from QA and from clients.

Assignments are available through our online workflow platforms. Our technology is downloaded and installed on your computer. Jobs are available 24/7/365.

Athreon pays transcription and scribe vendors weekly via PayPal.

Whether you do legal, media, business or medical transcription, or medical scribing, all our home-based opportunities offer several benefits. You will have the ability to set your own work schedule and work from the comfort of your home office. Compensation is based on production, so the more proficient you become at your assigned job types, the more money you will earn. Our work at home transcription and virtual scribe jobs also offer top-performing individuals’ opportunities for advancement to quality assurance.