Athreon is a partner you can trust to protect your Criminal Justice Information…


Police officers who need patrol reports, interrogations or other recordings converted from speech to text are required to do so in a manner that complies with the protocols established by Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), a division of the FBI. Since 1992, CJIS has established strict standards to uphold data security; including the exchange of Criminal Justice Information (CJI) among federal, state and local law enforcement and criminal justice entities. CJIS databases contain sensitive information that is critical to monitor and track criminal activity, detain perpetrators and perform in-depth background checks. Because of this, law enforcement cannot afford to have CJI compromised at any time.

FBI Compliance Requirements

Compliance expectations considered by the FBI are rigorous. They include:

  • Verification of adherence to procedure and policy
  • Evaluation of agency procedures and practices
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of agency procedures and practices
  • Assurance that system data is valid and uncorrupted
  • Validation of safeguards and protections in place that preserve CJIS compliance
  • Validation of continuity protections regarding flow of information

What’s more, if a police department’s CJIS database access is revoked, getting it restored is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. This is why law enforcement agencies cannot afford to risk noncompliance internally or as a result of anyone who provides them external support services.

Athreon’s Commitment to CJIS

Athreon is a transcription company that understands CJIS compliance and takes it seriously. We know that if CJIS requirements are not upheld, it could compromise the integrity of a criminal investigation or impede other law enforcement objectives. This is why all Athreon staff members with access to CJI undergo CJIS training and are subjected to criminal background checks. Likewise, our staff members undergo fingerprinting and complete all necessary paperwork to affirm their understanding and commitment to protect CJI.

Of course, as CJIS requirements evolve, Athreon is an agile organization that can adapt to change. This is key to any police department’s success. Athreon’s sensitivity to CJIS requirements has made us a preferred speech to text transcription company for police departments across the United States.

A True Partnership

Law enforcement agencies that work with Athreon have a partner they can trust. Athreon is a company that puts your best interest front and center. When you select Athreon to convert your audio files to transcribed documents, you are assured through our managerial, technical and training standards that your information is well-protected at all times and adheres to CJIS best practices. Contact us today to learn more about our speech to text services designed specifically for law enforcement professionals.

How Athreon Protects CJI

We understand that law enforcement professionals rely heavily on Criminal Justice Information Services. If police officers are unable to maintain the security of their CJI at all times, it could severely impede their daily operations and ability to pursue investigations quickly and efficiently. Likewise, with the proliferation of sophisticated cyber attacks that put databases at-risk every day, an increased awareness and ability to protect CJI is more important now than ever.

At Athreon we use only proven methods to protect all CJI that is entrusted to our care. Some of the security measures we have in place to protect CJI include:

  • Limiting access to CJI on a need-to-know basis according to job function, physical location and other parameters.
  • Restricting system access after a series of failed login attempts are detected.
  • Keeping our business facilities and data centers locked down at all times.
  • Tracking all access to CJI with detailed audit trails.
  • Encrypting all CJI, at a minimum of 128 bits, while data is at rest and in transit.
  • Surveilling our systems around-the-clock to ensure the integrity of our network at all times.

Audit Support

Since the FBI conducts regular security audits without announcing prior intention of an audit, and since CJIS security requirements extend beyond police headquarters to downstream vendors with CJI access, it is essential to align your agency with a transcription partner who understands CJIS. A transcription company that can help you meet your CJIS compliance objectives is paramount. If your police department or transcription service provider is found non-compliant, you could risk loss of access to the CJIS database and face other penalties. This is why selection of a professional police transcription service is essential, especially one that can demonstrate how they protect your CJI.