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Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

                                                                               Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

At Athreon, our goal is to provide comprehensive insurance transcription service. Whether your focus is home, life or automobile coverage, our skilled transcription team is poised to assist you.

Research Transcription Service Overview

By design, Athreon’s qualitative research transcription and translation services support research modeling and analytics. We have been a trusted partner for converting speech to text for researchers since 1988.

Universities and businesses depend on Athreon’s proven HIPAA-compliant solutions. Our transcription services support data annotation. You benefit from our timely, best-in-class accuracy that promotes publishable research.

And, with our analytics and modeling consultation service, you can further bolster research outcomes. Athreon helps you keep your focus on your research instead of administrative tasks. Whether you have 100 or 1000 recorded audio files, we are the best research transcription service you can hire.

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Academic Transcription

Athreon supports researchers in the university setting with a highly-accurate, diarized interview transcription process. Because our academic transcription service is customizable and compatible with various qualitative data analysis (QDA) software, researchers work smarter, better, and faster. What’s more, we participate in Institutional Review Board (IRB) security reviews, are HIPAA compliant, and we can accept purchase orders.

Product Research Transcription

When you need to gain better insight into your customers or employees, Athreon’s product research transcription service is a game-changer. Athreon can accept your recorded interviews, convert the speech to text, and help you make better data-driven business decisions to improve market share and retention. Our product research transcription service can help you outsmart your competition.

Research Transcription That Is Truly Secure and HIPAA Compliant

All Athreon solutions are highly secure. Not only are we HIPAA compliant, but we will meet the requirements of your IRB and participate in IT security reviews. Likewise, we’ll enter into BAAs, NDAs, confidentiality agreements, and more as required.

We use the same level of security as banks, including multifactor authentication. We conduct annual security risk assessments, and every staff member undergoes a thorough background check. Upon request, we can redact all PII and PHI to preserve research subject anonymity.

Our thorough administrative, physical, and technical protocols protect you and reduce your risk with:

  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • HIPAA & Cybersecurity Training
  • Proactive Cyberthreat Monitoring
  • Advanced Encryption
  • Document Versioning and Auditing
  • HITRUST CFA Certification
  • Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2) Reports
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Transcribed Data Formatted to Your Exact Needs

Athreon’s approach to speech to text aligns with your data processing requirements. Our transcripts are an accurate record of your recorded interviews with speaker diarization, time stamping, and non-verbal cue annotation.

When you need a word-for-word account of your audio or video file, including all false starts, slang, stutters, fillers and interrupting phrases, our Verbatim Service is for you. Likewise, if you require customized transcript formatting to support analytical efforts, our Verbatim+ Service fills this need.

If your objective is a concise and clear transcript uncluttered by verbatim nuances, our Clean-Read Service is the way to go. Our Clean-Read Service maintains the meaning of spoken dialogue without paraphrasing or summarizing.

Athreon Is Compatible With Your QDA Software

Whether you use NVivo, ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA, SPPS, or something else, our transcripts and translations are compatible with your qualitative data analysis (QDA) software. Our structured format transcripts seamlessly import into your QDA package. What’s more, Athreon can add codes during the transcription process and export transcripts in multiple formats (XML, RTF, PDF, and others) to further support your analytical objectives.

Transcription Technology That Makes Your Life Easier

Over 200 speech scientists and researchers make our speech technology the industry’s best. Because Athreon’s AI transcription technology produces high-quality transcripts in a matter of minutes, we can accelerate document delivery cycles. And because a human editor reviews each transcript before document delivery, researchers are assured that data integrity is maintained.

Translation Options Make Athreon Your One-Stop Shop for Qualitative Research

In addition to research transcription, Athreon provides translation services. We can translate from Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, and many other languages to English. Our on-demand translation services mean you can conveniently centralize all your qualitative research transcription and translation projects with Athreon.

Research Transcription Quality – How We Compare

We are committed to quality processes that are complete, thorough, accurate, consistent, transparent, and yield measurable results. Our research transcription model allows us to codify your data with exceptional detail consistently. 

Athreon will work with everyone from the IRB to the research support staff to assess and improve quality. We understand that universities depend on the transcripts we produce to support publishable research.

Athreon works tirelessly to deliver best-in-class accuracy to drive high-quality outputs. We leverage concurrent and retrospective reviews, QA reporting, and independent QA analysis.

We Help Universities Stretch Grant Dollars

We know you’ve worked hard to procure your grant funding. And we know budgets run tight. That’s why you don’t pay extra for multiple-speaker audio files or recordings with poor sound quality with Athreon. Add to that, we can charge against your organization’s purchase orders, and we offer flexible payment terms.