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Balance and May the Fourth be with you!

Balance and May the Fourth be with you!


When we think of balance, we think of juggling things that matter to us at any given moment.  Whether for work, home, school, the people we care about, a special project or all of those at the same time, the pressure to keep everything in its right place can be a constant struggle.  The fear of disappointment from those that matter to us or the fear of disappointing ourselves can drive us to extremes to keep ourselves from falling into that dark and shallow grave of failure.  But at what point do we just “let go”?  And, why should we? Consider the “why” of everything you do and ask yourself, what purpose any given task, desire or wish really serves?   Does it serve you, those you care about, or does it serve some other element that disguises itself as a need but is really a misguided want that places you down a path of self-destruction?  Consider the things you do and the motivators that truly lie at their core.  Greed, Pride, Hate, and Lust for Power/Recognition; our Dark Side if you will and Sharing, Humility, Love, Temperance and fulfillment for the greater good; our Light Side.

When you take a look at the things and people you balance in your life it is important to look inwards and realize which core motivators drive your desire to please or fulfill them.  The Dark Side will always be the easy path because it takes so little effort to fulfill yet the return so very powerful.  However, the Light Side often requires sacrifice and hard work on a level that can be daunting but it too does offer a powerful return, one that can stand the test of time and most importantly, gives back.

So, when things seem out of control, stop yourself for a moment and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” “What purpose does it serve?” If your answer takes you down the path of the Light side, stick to it, it won’t be easy, but in the end, you will feel like you did something worthwhile, something that mattered.  If your answer takes you down the path of the Dark side, let it go!  Let it go because the result will almost always be temporary and, in the end, you’ll likely be worse off than you were before.  So, on this Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth be with you!  And be thankful for the many lessons we can learn from this truly great space saga.

Automated Transcription Services – What should you consider?

Automated Transcription Services – What should you consider?

Automated speech to text transcription services are starting to gain more attention. They offer rapid turnaround time at a low cost. This can be attractive to clients that have audio or video files that need to be transcribed. When you don’t have the time or expertise to type the recordings yourself, an automated transcription service seems like a logical solution. But what should you consider before you upload your files through a web portal for transcription?

Transcription Data Security

If your recordings contain sensitive patient data, criminal justice information or confidential research, it’s imperative to take time to vet the speech to text transcription company. For instance, have they taken into account HIPAA, CJIS, and GDPR? Are they willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement? Do their transcriptionists undergo background checks? Who will have access to your data? Will it be encrypted in transit and while at rest? If the transcription company doesn’t have qualified answers to these questions, proceed with caution. Data mishandling and security incidents could put you and other stakeholders at risk.

Speech to Text Accuracy

When you’re a reporter facing a tight deadline or a university with a large transcription project, uploading your video or audio files for processing through an automated speech recognition engine can seem like a great solution on the surface. But what about the output? How accurate will the final transcript be? Transcripts produced by human typists are often upwards of 99% accurate. However, automated speech recognition technology can’t match this level of accuracy. Although speech recognition technology has improved over the years, it still leaves much to be desired. For example, speech engines make contextual errors that human transcriptionists are professionally trained to avoid.

Transcript Editing Time

 If you decide to use an automated speech to text transcription company, and you receive back 25 or 100 or 1000 pages of material, will you have the time to review every line of text carefully? Will you realistically be able to spend the hours necessary to compare the computer-generated text against the original audio file? Depending on how busy you are, this may not be realistic. When using an automated transcription service, it’s essential to factor in additional time to review the transcripts because speech engines are prone to making errors.

While it’s natural to want things rapidly, inexpensively, and of excellent quality, automated transcription companies are unable to deliver on all three objectives. And, if security is a consideration for your data, using an automated transcription service may be too risky. You can undoubtedly get your documents quickly and at a bargain price with an automated transcription service, but you will still need to budget extra time to review the transcripts carefully to ensure accuracy. After all, if you depend on quality transcripts to inform your decision making, inaccurate data can lead to adverse outcomes.

About Athreon Transcription

Athreon’s speech to text transcription services combine advanced speech recognition technology with the expertise of professional human editors. Our hybrid approach to speech to text conversion and our stringent security and quality standards ensure that transcripts are produced quickly, accurately, and securely. For more information about Athreon’s transcription services, contact us at 800.935.0973.