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A hybrid blend of AI technology and human expertise

A Company That Innovates

What makes Athreon such an innovative business and knowledge process outsourcing firm? We strive to understand what’s most important to you before you do.

AI Transcription Services

Human speech is one of the most sophisticated sound waveforms in existence, making the conversion of speech to text a multifaceted process. Diction, accent, and subject-specific terminology must all be taken into account to deliver accurate transcription service. Athreon leverages the latest in AI transcription technology along with rigorous workflow reviews to quickly, effectively, and securely provide high-quality transcripts. When it comes to transcribing audio to text, we are among the most trusted transcription services for HIPAA compliance and CJIS compatibility. 

Cyber Security Solutions

No matter the size or scope of your business, all organizations are at risk for cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals are becoming exceptionally well-organized at targeting and launching sophisticated cyberattacks. These attacks are not only costly, but they can result in lost business and severe reputational damage. Our comprehensive cybersecurity service empowers organizations to assess and monitor their security posture with dark web scans, phishing simulations, risk assessments, security training, real-time monitoring, and breach remediation.

Medical Scribe Services

Physicians are more than caregivers. In healthcare’s complex, data-driven landscape, doctors need to document at an incredibly granular level. Charting informs how hospitals and clinics collect payment and how clinician performance is measured. But record-keeping requirements can be time-consuming and stressful. Our virtual medical scribe service, AxiScribe, enables practitioners to focus on patient care. We lessen the administrative burdens associated with populating the EHR and ease physician burnout.

What Sets Athreon Apart from Other Companies

Athreon utilizes a fusion of AI technology, human interpretation, and the latest in cybersecurity to deliver sound business solutions that help our clients make better data-driven decisions. Our methodology bolsters client financial performance, security, competitiveness, and business intelligence. If you work in healthcare, law enforcement, finance, academia, or insurance, we are the best choice among BPO and KPO companies for speech to text and cybersecurity.

AI Technology & Mobile Apps

We design our AI technology and mobile apps to give you total control of your business processes. You can monitor and manage projects with our web-based and mobile solutions for iOS and Android. Our range of solutions, flexibility, and customization options make Athreon the preferred choice among BPO and KPO suppliers specializing in speech to text and cybersecurity.

What’s more, our robust applications complement the information technology you already use today. We can interface with most third-party applications. And we adhere to strict security requirements to protect your critical data from end-to-end.

The Human Element

The latest AI technology certainly drives our processes. Still, our client support, technical staff, talented employees, and management team make it all come together. Our people are the heart of our company. They maintain our strict confidentiality and quality control standards that make us a leader in speech to text and cybersecurity.

We get to know you and what’s important to you. Whether it’s compliance and security standards, analytics, process improvement, or anything else, we’re prepared to listen to you and help you achieve your business objective. We pride ourselves on developing custom solutions. We invite you to contact us to learn more about why Athreon is one of the best BPO and KPO agencies you can hire.

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