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At Athreon, we understand that the medical profession has its own unique language that requires specialized training to fully understand. Anyone who works in healthcare must also have the ability to pay close attention to detail in order to avoid costly mistakes that could impact a patient’s health. For these reasons, physicians and hospitals looking for fast and accurate outsourced transcription services in Ohio, California, Maine or elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada can count on Athreon to deliver time after time.

We’re a transcription services company that employs well-trained, capable individuals with extensive knowledge in diverse medical specialties like cardiology, pediatrics, and endocrinology to name a few. Our medical transcriptionists can handle it all, from basic communication and correspondence to more in-depth clinical research reports and studies. All our transcriptionists share a strong commitment to quality and delivering superior service to numerous medical professionals.


With over 25 years of experience, we know law enforcement agencies need transcriptions that are highly confidential and quick. At Athreon, we provide both. We employ only experienced law enforcement transcriptionists who prepare all documents with attention to detail and a strict commitment to confidentiality. Our systems meet stringent security requirements, and every project goes through a two-level quality assurance review process before we deliver it to you.

When agencies across the nation are facing continued spending cuts, Athreon provides the highest quality of transcription service that can meet even the strictest budgets. Our transcription process is streamlined to ensure the most accurate transcriptions and quickest turnaround times in the most seamless way possible. Save your department time and money by using Athreon for law enforcement transcriptions.


Busy attorneys and other legal professionals need a transcription services company that can understand fluent “legalese” while delivering top-quality work promptly and efficiently. By choosing Athreon for outsourcing transcription services, legal professionals located all across North America benefit from a transcription company that understands legal terminology and provides fast turnaround and superb customer service.

Our comprehensive three-level quality assurance process ensures your legal brief or other document is transcribed with the highest degree of accuracy. What’s more, our online account management features give you complete control over your documents, and our multiple delivery options enable you to choose solutions that complement the way you work.


In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, the ability to communicate quickly can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to fast and reliable transcription service, small business owners, executives and administrative assistants all turn to Athreon. With our 24-hour turnaround time and extensive array of dictation and delivery options, our transcriptionists can have that report, presentation or other critical document transcribed and in your hands with time to spare.

As a transcription company located in North America, we are capable of handling all your business transcription needs, while delivering the highest levels of quality. And unlike many of our competitors who subcontract work overseas, Athreon employs only native English-speaking transcriptionists who reside in North America. Our commitment to personalized service means we’ll always be there when you need us.


Converting audio and video files to text documents is a cumbersome, time-consuming process that can place a significant burden on busy media professionals. At Athreon, our highly trained and experienced media transcriptionists can remove the weight from your shoulders, saving you precious time and energy. As the leader among transcription outsourcing companies in North America, we offer fast turnaround times, superior quality and unmatched personalized service.

Athreon is the preferred choice for journalists, radio personalities, and anyone else who needs fast and reliable transcription services. We can transcribe your movie, video, podcast, TV show or other recorded material and have it delivered the next day using the delivery option of your choosing. Truly personalized service and superior quality are our hallmarks.