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Dictation Service Options

Dictating isn’t necessarily a favorite pastime for anyone, but it’s something many professionals do to stay productive. Although we can’t guarantee we can make dictating fun, we can offer you several choices to make it more convenient. Choose from the menu of dictation options below or use a combination of multiple methods:

Telephone Dictation Services

Most people are never too far from a phone. The telephone’s convenient and, since there is no additional dictation equipment to purchase, it can be the ideal speech to text tool. Phone dictation gives you the same options as other recording devices such as fast forward, pause, and rewind. Simply pick up the phone, dictate your information, and our transcriptionists handle the rest!

Smartphone Dictation Services



Professionals increasingly rely on smartphones to get more done today. With our free iPhone and Android apps, you can now use your smartphone to dictate. Have privacy concerns about dictating by smartphone? Not to worry. With our apps, every smartphone transaction is encrypted to comply with HIPAA/HITECH guidelines. Learn more about dictation using our smartphone apps.


Dictation Services




If a phone isn’t handy, another option is dictation via digital recorder. With our open standards dictation system, available device options include Olympus, Sanyo, Grundig, and Philips, as long as the device is equipped with software that can copy audio files to a computer. Compatible audio file formats for our dictation services include: .WAV, .DSS, .VOX, .MP3, .RAW, .G726, .OGG, .G721, .AVI, .MP2, .WMA, .DPF.

PC Microphone Dictation Services



If your computer is equipped with a Philips, Dictaphone, Olympus or Grundig microphone, you can use it to dictate directly into the Athreon system. These brands are also compatible with our speech recognition technology. When dictating by microphone, you won’t have to worry about tying up a phone line or even leaving your desk.


Dictation Server Interface


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We can also work with your existing dictation system if you wish to host your own technology. Out interfacing team can develope an interface between the Athreon dictation servers and yours. We can also create a direct connection between our transcriptionists and your system if necessary.


Why Choose Athreon Over Other Dictation Companies

No matter which speech to text option you prefer, when you select Athreon you get dictation transcription services from a company that offers a powerful combination of speed, high quality and superior service. Most of our dictation services include next-day turnaround, our three-level quality assurance process, and secure systems to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. What’s more, in the unlikely event a mistake is made on a transcript, we’ll correct it for free!

Unlike many other dictation companies, we use native English-speaking transcriptionists located in North America, eliminating the quality issues that can occur with companies that subcontract dictation services overseas. You can count on us to transcribe dictation with maximum accuracy. You also benefit from totally transparent billing, and no term contract is required.

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