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Speech to Text Transcription

Athreon is an innovator in the audio transcription industry with a focus on developing dictation technology that's effective and easy to use. Our audio transcription software services are flexible, intuitive and completely secure to meet HIPAA/HITECH requirements. No matter your workflow scenario or specific demands, we have the capabilities to develop customized audio transcription solutions that fit you.

We help clients convert speech to text in industries ranging from law enforcement to healthcare to media. Athreon's audio transcription services let you dictate from anywhere using a broad range of devices including iPhone and Android smartphones, landline telephones and digital recorders. You can even use our desktop software to dictate from the comfort and convenience of your office - directly into your PC.

Athreon also offers an extensive array of speech to text transcription delivery options that are tailored to the way you work. Transcripts can be delivered via web portal, fax, HL7, FTP, network transfer or automated printing.

The Highest Levels of Quality Audio Transcription Services

Athreon not only provides fast and cost-effective services, but we also deliver highly intuitive speech to text technology that's simple to deploy. In many cases, there's nothing to download or install. With our audio transcription software, you'll benefit from features such as automated spell check and grammar check, structured templates and systematic quality review.

Turnaround Quality Pricing Security Technology Compliance

Speech to Text Transcription Quality Assurance

We staff qualified transcriptionists who speak English as their native language. Our transcriptionists are rigorously tested to ensure they are capable of accurately transcribing speech to text. The transcriptions we prepare undergo a thorough quality review focusing in six core areas, including:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Format
  • Content
  • Demographics
  • Full audio review

Convert Speech to Text on Your Smartphone

If you're like a lot of busy professionals these days, you need an effective means of dictating while you're out of the office or on the go. Athreon's audio transcription service can be used on iPhone and Android smartphones, providing a wide range of advantages over other dictation methods. For instance, the iPhone dictation app allows you to dictate speech to text on iPhone OS v. 5.1 or newer. Key features include patient scheduling integration, automated audio file transfer, voice recognition compatibility, and dictation in online or offline mode. This means you can dictate your transcription audio even when you don't have Internet connectivity

The Android dictation app works with touch-screen capable Android phones on OS 1.6 or higher. Prominent benefits of Android dictation include patient scheduling integration, enhanced workflow control, voice recognition compatibility, innovative speech to text solutions, and insert and overwrite capabilities. Our mobile app also provides robust online job monitoring and editing capabilities, the flexibility to transfer files via data or Wi-Fi networks, modifiable font sizes for easy readability, the ability to recall and reuse templates and much more.

Easy, Convenient and Reliable Speech to Text Transcription

For over a quarter century, Athreon has built an enviable reputation as the preferred provider of audio transcription services. We focus on delivering a simple, cost-effective way to transform speech to text utilizing the latest transcription technology compatible with the widest array of devices.

With transparent billing options, around-the-clock account support, and total control over the document creation process, it's no wonder Athreon is the preferred choice in audio transcription services.

Contact Athreon today to learn more about how our wide range of speech to text services can improve your productivity and efficiency.