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Transcription Downloads

Welcome to Athreon’s Software and Application Download Site for Transcriptionists and Quality Assurance


Recommended Requirements:
Windows 10, RAM: at least 1 GB (32-bit, 64-bit).

Apple computers are not supported.
Contact for alternative technology.


InScribe is a HIPAA-compliant, highly secure, single, integrated typing desktop application with sections (demographics, body, cc, signatures, comments, and more), designed for transcriptionists and quality assurance.


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ShadowLink is a service level application required for automated audio file pick up and transcript delivery. This software is also required for setting up more complex interfaces.

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InSync is a HIPAA-compliant application for sending encrypted voice recordings between the client and Athreon.

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Axis Sync

Axis Sync is an automated audio file retrieval and transcript delivery software designed to work with Athreon’s Axis applications. Complex interfaces also require this software to complete the set up.

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Axis FFTE is a transcription management platform accessible and operational through a desktop application designed to work with Athreon’s Axis applications.

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Runtime Components (RC)

RC are self-contained objects required to run Athreon software including the portal. InQuiry, through Internet Explorer (IE).

Recommended Requirements: Review IE security settings and reset IE.

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