EMR/EHR Interfaces

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We’ve Deployed over 1500 FREE EHR Interfaces to Date

As medical facilities make the transition to Electronic Heath Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR), our solutions are designed to complement and interface with these technologies. We haven’t encountered an EHR we haven’t been able to interface with yet! What sets Athreon apart from the competition is that we charge nothing for our EHR interfaces. You read that right! The graphic below spotlights just some of the EHRs we’ve interfaced with – but the listing is by no means comprehensive.Electronic medical records are now widely used throughout the healthcare industry. The increased use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems in healthcare has created a demand for a reliable EHR/EMR transcription service. Athreon, a leading provider of medical transcription services, offers fast and accurate EMR and EHR transcription for healthcare facilities across North America. Our EMR and EHR transcription interface solution, which is available at no cost to our clients, is designed to provide a smooth speech to text process that saves time and money while delivering the highest levels of quality.

HL7 Interfaces

Our HL7 Interface Engine captures patient demographics, orders, and master file information from all major HIS/CIS/RIS systems and allows for transcribed reports to be returned to any HIS, EMR or RIS system. Additionally, our system can be configured and deployed to handle changes to existing systems. Below are the supported message types. However, it should be noted that other message types not listed here can be implemented using the built-in HL7 engine.

Supported Message Types

— Inbound (Download)
— Inbound (Download)
— Custom

— Outbound (Upload)
— Outbound (Upload)
— Custom

Here’s some food for thought. Our HL7 engine can process over 10 messages in a single second. This means that it has the ability to process 36,000 messages in a single hour.

Key HL7 Benefits & Features:

— Most system changes made in hours, not days
— Flexible link handles most interfaces without programming
— ADT feed reduces clerical and transcription costs (no need to fax/e-mail patient lists)
— Minimizes demand on MIS resources
— Fully HL7 compliant
— Employs 128-bit SSL encryption/decryption
— Fully configurable engine
— Supports user defined message types
— Unattended operation
— Modification layer supports data manipulation
— Filtration layer supports data filtration

Network Transfer Interfaces

If HL7 is not an option, we can deliver transcribed reports directly to any folder specified on your network. Some EHR/EMR systems can even accept files that have a particular file name with all the required information in a defined form, which allows for a seamless import. Alternatively, at a more basic level, our Network Transfer solution allows you to copy/paste reports directly into your EHR/EMR. Using an encrypted connection between our facility and yours, we can transfer files according to any scheduling preference.