Remote Scribes

Although EHRs are critical tools, they can make many doctors less productive. It doesn’t have to be like this. Athreon’s remote scribe service helps ease the EHR challenges physicians face.


Government incentives and major investments by hospitals and healthcare systems have dynamically changed the practice of medicine to help achieve Meaningful Use requirements. Although EHRs offer many benefits, their design often leaves doctors wanting more. Athreon’s remote scribe service integrates directly with your EHR and bridges the gap between provider and EHR. By design, our remote scribe service improves physician productivity and satisfaction.

Can You Relate to Any of These EHR Complaints?

  • My EHR slows me down! All this pointing and clicking takes too much time.
  • I’m losing productivity! I feel like I spend more time on my computer than with my patients.
  • I’m losing money! So much record keeping makes it impossible to see more patients.
  • I hate paperwork! I want to treat patients, not stare at my tablet all day.

How it Works

Simply speak the information into your smartphone or tablet that you would normally dictate to your medical scribe. Athreon’s remote scribe option lets you easily capture the narrative portions of your charts with your voice. Our remote scribes handle the rest, and the results are imported directly into your EHR. Our transcription services are vendor neutral, so we can work with any EHR vendor. Whether you use Epic, Cerner, McKesson, AllScripts, eClinicalWorks, GE Healthcare or anything else, we’ve got you covered. Over 1500 hospitals and private practices already benefit from Athreon’s speech to text services. Reclaim control of the way you practice medicine, and get your remote scribe today!

Remote Scribe Benefits

Our virtual scribe services deliver measurable improvements in several key areas:

  • Revenue – Athreon’s remote scribes empower you to increase your patient volume
  • Compliance – Athreon’s remote scribes make it easier for you to achieve Meaningful Use
  • Quality – Athreon’s remote scribes are carefully trained to mitigate errors in the medical record
  • Time – Athreon’s remote scribes free you from tedious data entry tasks
  • Accuracy – Athreon’s remote scribes help you capture the patient’s full narrative
  • Staffing – Athreon’s remote scribes free you from recruitment obstacles
  • Training – Athreon assumes the training responsibility for your remote scribe
  • Savings – Athreon’s remote scribes stay off your payroll. We charge only for what we put in your EHR

Athreon Remote Scribes

Athreon’s remote scribe service realigns the provider’s focus back on the patient. Our network of highly-skilled remote scribes is available to help doctors quickly get information into their EHR. Athreon’s remote scribes enable physicians to see more patients and document less. Our remote scribes are speech to text specialists who relieve the administrative burdens that are increasingly placed on healthcare professionals.